In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Grounts are portions of soil cursed by Lord Dim, corruptly evolving into this kind of creatures of Earth.

There are invunerable to the fire storms of Alros, and the only way to getting rid of them is by using spells.

The Spell of the Nymph

The Spell of the Nymph is the first spell that Alros will know about, and it will help him to destroy the first grounts he has to confront.

After defeating Kracnum, during the celebration of the fountain of Bacchus, a voice will begin to call Alros from inside the forest. If the player decides to follow the voice, soon he will find himself into a strange garden, possible a temple, and he will hear a lot of female laughs coming around.

  • Voices: We are the forest, we are the spirits, we are the nymphs. You are our saviour, and we will serve you now. Open your lips, we will bring you a spell that will help you just like you have help us

If the player accepts, the ritual will continue, Alros opens the mouth and closes his eyes

  • Alros (suddenly touching his lips): Oh, What was that kiss?
  • Voices: Something like that. Now our spell is in your lips. Now, the only thing you wil have to do is to discover how to use it

There is a secret combination of keys that will let Alros to sing the spell. The player will need to discover it.

When the spell is finally revealed, Alros says "Come to me, voices of the forests, come to me, nymphs of the flowers", and the Earth begins to produce a lot of vines and flowers that wraps around Alros, keeping him from any damage.

When he uses the spell against Grounts, they are quickly wrapped by the vines and branches of the plants of the forests, and they are soon reduced to just dust.

However, outside the forest other spells would be necesary to keep the Grounts away

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