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The Green Bushes are an abundant type of grass in the forest and plains of Alros and The Torch of Skies.


The main use of the green bushes is to feed Irobe so she can give milk and honey to Alros. Irobe needs to eat at least 25 green bushes to completely restore the life of Alros. Sometimes, as bush is actually a sleeping fairy. If Irobe swallows it, the fairy will dwell inside Irobe, giving her fairy attributes to the cow.

I.e: If the cow swallows to Erala, a fairy of roses, the cow will become red cow with poisonous spines covering all her body. When Alros rides her, the spines will poison him, making himto see illusions (i.e nonexistent items). However, it has a good side; The red cow's honey increases the power of the firestorm that Alros releases with the torch, Other fairies would have other effects, they all with both a good blessing and a problematic side-effect.

Identifying a Fairy Bush

The fairy bushes can be easily identified: their leaves have weird shapes, sometimes they have flowers, and they have different colors. If Alros likes, he can wake up the fairy using his torch (the player has to try to release both firestorm and fire wall at the same time, creating the fire bubble of invocations). The effects are not predictable: May be the fairy gives him a golden apple that will grant him the heart of a god, or may be the fairy transforms him in a tree to dwell, using him as a palace (Dungeon Of the Tree). A very special bush is the Red Bush.

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