A Grand Theft Auto that you can do anything you want in it like costumize your own houses,work out at the gym,buy clothes,play on the computer, mostly like a sims game but with blood, gore, and guns. You will have the ability to sneak from the cops,go in other people's houses,rob a store, and buy weapons and ammo from a weapons dealer. It's is like putting Fallout 3,Red Faction Guerrilla, God Father 2, and Saints Row together. Costumize your character, make him evil or nice, give him a job, go to school, do whatever crime you want without getting caught.First you start off as a teen, going to school,ditching class, spending time with your girl. Then 12 years later your an adult looking at the world with all the posibillities giving to you. Search for that job, buy your house, save money in the bank, or go rob someone for stuff like sterios or tv. You put your own music from your ipod or anything you got that plays music. You can create weapons like in Fallout 3 and build your own car. Stuff like this in a game would make the best selling and most playable game in the world. 5 star rating is what I see if the game is made. These are my ideas for a game that would be the top and best Grand Theft Auto yet. If you like my ideas come write me at

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