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In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Golden Fairies are the fairies who were born from the breath of King Sun, and they are goddesses of health and cures.

Golden Fairies as protectors of Alros

The Golden Fairies were invoked by the Fairy Solfa in order to protect Alros's life.

After the first defeat of Alros and the first invocation of the fairies by Solfa, Alros wakes up in bed, receiving cares from the Golden Fairies. They say "He has woken! He is back!". The Life of Alros is totally restored. The player has to set out of bed to Alros, because Alros has to come back to the fight. He goes to the Fountain of Life, where he found the Golden Fairy Queen.

She will not like to leave him to go again to fight, but she will do that anyway. However, she will send her sisters with him in order to bring him back to the temple if he is about to die again, so she, the goddess of health, can heal him again by using the sacred water of her fountian of Life.

Now, every single time the life of Alros goes out, the golden fairies take him to the Sacred Temple of Life, where he will wake again (with a restored life) and go to the fountain. There, the Queen will immediatly take him back to the last altar he lighted up.

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