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In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Ghost Sprite is a parasit spirit that finds for bodies to dwell. She feeds on the spiritual energy of the host soul, slowly turning the soul into a ghost-like spirit. The eyes of her victim turns red and the victim begins to suffer nocturnal attacks where the victim dances through the forests under Moonlight.

However, the host is not truly turned into a ghost unless it gets parasited by four ghost sprites. In that case, the host quickly becomes a ghost. The victim will not be able to resist sunlight, he will turned into a nocturnal being, totally devoted to Moon and to the Fairy Hecate. The victim, as a ghost, gets some special powers, like invulnerability and shapeshift.

It can be undone if the parasit spirits left the body.

They are daughters of the Fairy Hekate, the Queen of the Ghosts.

At the regions near Altar of the Stars (Night) and Lunar Altar the ghost sprites, also called lampades, are abundant. Alros has to be careful, because if four ghost spirits enter into his body, he will be turned into a ghost.

In that case, the terrible Fairy Hekate will take him as a slave, and he will taken to four additional mazes, where he will have to perform the tasks that Hekate asks him.

After the four mazes are completed, Hekate is pleased and she will be give him a cure (a red herb) that will sleep the parasit spirits. However, if even a single ghost spirit takes him again, he will be turned into a ghost again, and he will have to look for the cure before continuing.

The Ghost Alros is palid, dresses red clothes, has red eyes and has a candle instead a torch. His only attack is his occasional transformation into a voraciuous ghost horse that can throw flames. He is invulnerable, and can take many useful shapes: owl, horse, serpent, each one with different powers. However, he can not left the reign of Moon and Stars in that state.

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