Ghost Alros

Alros as a ghost.

In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Ghost Alros is the spectral form that Alros takes when he has been possessed by four Ghost Sprites

Differenced between Alros as a wind and as a ghost

  • Wind Alros's flesh is made of light and fire, meanwhile Ghost flesh is only moonlight
  • Wind Alros is, just like the queen fairies, a god, thus he is immortal. But he may be killed if he is turned back into his mortal human form.
  • Ghost Alros has snakes instead hair
  • Ghost Alros has a candle instead torch. This candle is not able to realize the firestorms nor firewalls techniques, it is only usable to enchant the ghost's victims.
  • Ghost Alros can only use lunar spells and charms
  • Ghosts feed on the spirits of the mortals. E.g. At night, a ghost would attack a chaste woman, and, by kissing her mouth, he will drink her spirit, causing her terrible nightmares and terrors (ghosts are the cause of the most nightmares, indeed). In the game, Alros, when a ghost, can only increase his life by attacking one of the few women that reside on the near towns.

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