General Eviler is the last human on Beta (planet). He transformed himself into a robot in order to be eternal. But he was angry, and he was very envious of the joyful Flan (planet), so he swore to destroy this planet.

First attempt

Eviler went to Flan, disguised of kid thanks to his transformable robo-body. Wishing the destruction of Flan, he took advantage of the naiveness of princesses Berry and Cherry to make them to believe the prince Forlee was planning to take the Sacred Rainbow for himself. Berry convinced to Orange, the leader of the princesses, to capture Forlee. But Apple and Grape, Violet Light refused to capture Forlee. Berry said Apple, as the girlfriend of Forlee, was a traitor, and they both use the power of the Sacred Rainbow to fight each other. Grape and Cherry fought each other too. The hatred made the Sacred Rainbow disappeared from the skies of Flan, and Flan became a normal planet. Eviler decided to take the control. The princesses had lost all the blessings of the rainbow, so they were exposed before the robotic power of Eviler. He jailed them in a metallic cage. After some hours, the princesses had become adult women. The same thing was happening to any other flanian. Eviler declared himself leader, promising order and discipline, and the "adulted" flanians obeyed him. He prepared everything to corrupt the whole planet, but, at night, Moon of Milk brought her rain over Flan, and flanians began to be transformed into kids again as they drank the sweet milk. Eviler was upset, and he decided to destroy the Moon of Milk using his Ray of Doom. But Apple and Berry had forgave each other, and the Sacred Rainbow was restored. Eviler had no opportunity to win before the power of the Sacred Rainbow, and he had to leave. The flanians used the Sacred Rainbow to make themselves to forget that horrible day forever. But it was not so wise, as they forget the Eviler's menace too.

Second attempt

Eviler created a robo-army to destroy Flan. But the army was transformed into cute wooden dolls by the princesses.

Third attempt

Eviler created a giant mirror to reflect the light of Pink Sun away from Flan. But Pink Sun, wanting to save his beloved flanians, destroyed the mirror with a giant fireball.

Fourth attempt

Eviler is creating an improved Ray of Doom to destroy Flan, Pink Sun and Moon of Milk forever. Quote: Wuahahaha! Mmmmwauhahaha!.

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