This is an online game idea of any game system, this idea is free to anyone, I would just really like to be able to play such a game.

Think of every other online FPS shooter games, it seems they always involve a single era and fill the game with time-authentic guns, upgrades and environments. Also every single game seems to be the box-cutter style Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag style matchs.

Now think of a game that encompasses many eras and military groups. For TDM type games you could have authentic scenarios involving different armies and have weapons and equipment for each specifc military force. For strategic games you could have anything from Navy Seals infiltrating a military base with gunners and snipers defending, to a SWAT force breaking into a gang HQ. Each match would be a scenario that has teams and equipment specific to the scenario. These games would promote strategic gameplay and not just your run and gun average gameplay.

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