Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You enter into the deep forest, you can hear giggling nymphs all around. They like you, you know that, they want to bring honey of their lips to your mouth, and never let you to escape.

You reach the deepest forest, that is the palace of the queen of the nymphs.

She appears from inside a tree, just to take you and kiss your mouth. You try to resist, but it does not have any sense, your mouth will not try to flee, instead honey she has wine as breath, and she makes you drunk of her.

You wake up, and you are totally wrapped on vines and lips. You are inside a tree, it is like a cave, and some enchanted torchs illuminate the inner tree.

Nymphs: Hello, my sleeping beauty-man, I am sorry for all the vines and leaves, but I will not let you to escape from me, the Queen of the Nymphs. I need you to make some sacred spells of fecundity, that can only be reached by sacrifing a young pure man to the goddesses of the Earth. They manifest themselves as these vines and leaves, they will suck out all your male fertility to fecund all the forest, and I will use that power to conceive new nymphs and chimeras to bless and protect my queendom. No worry, you will not die, indeed, you will be happily dreaming, as the goddesses of Earth bring you gorgeous dreams at the time they slowing drain out all your male force. After they have ended, I am not sure what will happen... may be, as your male force has being devoured, you will be slowly turned into a forestal nymph, but I am not sure.

You want to escape, but the nymph is by far beautiful, and she seduces your little heart. Also, the forestal goddesses, disguised as vines and leaves, begin to confuse you with beautiful dreams of marvelous wolrds and afable maidens.

Will you try to escape?

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