In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Flies of Disease are evil fly-like monster that can cause a big mount of damage to both mortals and fairies.

Attacks and Diseases

  • Infected Heart: One of them infects the heart of a fairy (or a mortal), turning her into an evil spirit.
  • Final Disease: Fatal attack: The fly can destroy a fairy by attack her with a dark entropic solution that is able to put out any fire or light (fairies are made of solar fire and lunar light, thus it is fatal for them even although in normal conditions they are immortal)
  • "La Señora Mosca": The fly bears a bunch of flesh-eaters worms that can kill any mortal living being.
  • Hate: A single bite of this fly can make people that love each other to hate each other. It can make Alros to hate the fairies and to try to attack them until he got a cure
  • Cloud of the Hell: The fly calls its other fly friends to perform a massive attack
  • Drop Dead: Fly throws toxics that can destroy anything

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