Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

The fairy makes to appear a fiery swords from the flames of her bonfire.

Fairy: Take it. It is the sacred sword of flames, it is told whoever that holds is able to restore the sacred realm of the fairies on the world.

Powers of the Sword

  • Claw of Flames: You can throw flames by just waving up the sword.
  • Rain of Apollo: You can hold this sword over your head, and a rain of fire will begin to fall around. The fire is sacred and it will not hurt you, but it will be fatal for any enemy.
  • Invocation to the Lares: You can insert this sword into the soul, and a wall of flames will rise up and wrap around you to defend you.
  • Secret powers: Secret that is only known by the fairies. Be careful, some of them may be dangerous for you

Fairy: Well, now you have the sword. It is a shame you will not help us fairies to restore our realm. We will have to continue hiding on little forests like this one.

It is so sad...

Do you want to help the fairy to restore the realm of the fairies, whatever it is?

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