Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You have walked into the flames. The fairy looks happy, she sings Go, sacred flames, go. Reduce this sacrifice into ashes, I invoke the gods of fire and light through these consecrate flames, oh gods of fire, I ask you to grant me the power of the dragons, I have sacrifice a human to honor you all, now please concede my wishes

The fairy looks how a dragon begins to rise from the flames. It looks like an large ardent serpent, with breath of Sun and eyes of hearth.

Fairy: Come dragon, Come. Now, with your power, I will be a goddess, the divine empress of lands and seas

The dragon exhales flames and lava, the fairy is ecstaticly singing.

Yes, you are right. The fairy sacrificed you just to summon a god-like dragon. You were the sacrifice she was needing. But do not be so scared, you are still alive, but you are not yourself anymore, you are trapped into the heart of the dragon.

Fairy: Come with me dragon. There is a world to take over

Do you want to go with the fairy?

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