Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

Fairy: So do you want a horse? Well, you will have a horse. Oh, Sacred Fire of the Wishes, come to me, come to my guest, come to us, and grant the miracle we are asking for

Suddenly, a flame escapes from the great bonfire, and it wraps itself before you. The flame takes the shape of a fiery horse, and after few moments, a lightful horse of flaming neighs and ardent eyes and rises from the flame.

Fairy: There, do you like it? It is not a common horse, it is a son of the most sacred fire, it is a divine stallion, it is a god among horses. Treat him respectfully, because he will not be yours but you will be of his. Come on, ride him, do not wait anymore

You get over the white ardent horse, you can feel his divine force rising from his body, you can even feel that force entering into you, making you one with the horse. The horse begins to run, and you begin to yell "Go, sacred horse, go faster, you are like the wind, you are the wind itself, go ahead and show your divine power".

The horse looks at you, and you can feel the fire of his eyes entering in your soul. You can even read his thoughts, you can feel his heart beats and his breathing.

You can feel how he asks you using just his ardent eyes...

Where do you want to go?

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