Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

Fairy: Excellent! If you like to drink, you will have to be a bee-hive!

The fairy makes a weird enchantment, and the swarm of bees begins to enter into your body through your mouth. You try to close your mouth, but the bees continue pouring honey, and you are unable to do that.

Soon the Queen Bee enters into your chest, and she establishes her queendom inside your heart.

You do not know what to do... You just can not escape, the honey is just too tasteful, even although you are being turned into a beehive. The bees begin to cover you with their wax, soon you will be a motionless statue that will only breath honey, bees and the polen they collect.

Now you are a statue, a fountain of honey. The fairy smiles, now you will remain with her and her bees forever, as a beautiful living sculpture.

Do not worry, it is not bad at all. Soon, the honey floods your blood, and your life become a sweet daydream, everything goes golden, a chorus of fairies sings on your chest and you feel like you are a god of the honey.

What else do you want? Your mouth pours honey, nymphs come and kisses your lips just to drink some of that sacred honey, flowers are born from your bare waxy skin, and your lightful eyes illuminate the whole forest of the fiery wishes.


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