Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

Fairy: Do want a snake? Well, let me see... Oh, gods of fire, bring me an egg of dragon. Yes, An egg of dragon, because I have a little offering you gods of fire

Suddenly a flame rises from the hands of the fairy, and an egg appears. She gives you the egg.

Fairy: Hold it, It is your snake. But it is not a common snake, it is dragon's caterpillar, and the only thing she needs to become a dragon is to devour the heart of a pure person.

You are confused, but you take the egg anyway. Then suddenly, the egg breaks and a snake rises from it. She rapidly enters into your mouth, and it finally reaches your heart, and she devours it at seconds. Now she is your heart.

Fairy: Did you want a snake? Well, she is all yours, she is even your heart, and you will be the offering she needs for her transformation into a marvelous dragon.

You try to do something, but suddenly, you are on fire. Seconds after you are only fiery ashes, and from those ashes a large winged ardent serpent, a dragon, soon rises up.

The dragon exhales flames and lava, the fairy is ecstatically singing.

Yes, you are right. The fairy sacrificed you just to summon a god-like dragon. You were the sacrifice she was needing. But do not be so scared, you are still alive, but you are not yourself anymore, you are trapped into the heart of the dragon.

Fairy: Come with me dragon. There is a world to take over

Do you want to go with the fairy?

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