Fantasy Fighters I: Legends of Ukaru is a 2D fighting game for Xbox Live Arcade. This game is different from other fighters cause instead of world tournaments and big buff fighters this game takes place in a magical world called Ukaru and you get to play as a bunch of fantasy themed characters.


Ukaru, a magical land full aswe wonder from the Elven Springs of Voiruu to the Iron Mountains of Kaliek to the Firey Planes of Viruk and so on and so on. An old elven wizard named Darah has had a vision that shows an ancient dark void named Xaluu has escaped from his prison in the dark matter dimension of ther Z-Zone and now plans to devour everything in Ukaru. King Hagon gathered a group warriors from different lands to stop the evil void before all is lost.


Dargus the Brave

Race: Human

Weapon: Longsword

Frados the Wise

Race: Elf

Weapon: Bow n Arrow

Warrud the Strong

Race: Dwarf

Weapon: Axe

Zarref the Powerful

Race: Orc

Weapon: Warhammer

Harkuds the Mischievous

Race: Goblin

Weapon: Dagger

Ziku the Magical

Race: Demigod

Weapon: Spellbook

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