In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, Solfa is the fairy daughter and herald of the King Sun.

Alros and Solfa

Shortly after the restoring of the flame of the Great Temple of the Fairies by Alros, she found a sad-looking fairy, dressing a dark blue toga, anf lying on the soil. If Alros goes closer to her, she will talk, saying "Do not worry about me, I am just a sad-looking fairy, I can not do anything for you mortals, We are doomed". If the player remains here, she will talk again to say, and Alros will have a conservation.

  • Fairy: "What a beautiful torch you have... This fire looks like the one of the sacred altars. But they are extinguished now, there is not hope".
  • Alros: "If we are still breathing then there is a hope. Just look at me, I am just a mortal boy, but I lighted up the fire of the Great temple of the fairies".
  • Fairy: "Did you? A simple mortal... I wish the blessing of the King Sun would come over you. If you, a simple boy, can do that, then I was wrong. There is hope! I will use all my powers to set free the light of days!".
  • Suddenly, the toga is burnt by a flame, and a fiery solar fairy is shown.
  • Alros: "You are marvelous and lightful fairy... "
  • Fairy: "Indeed, I am daughter of the King Sun. I came here to prevent to the sacred knight of the temple of the fairies about a major danger, because all the other knights have been killed. But I did not find him and I thought I was too late. But I was wrong, I can feel the light of the Fairy Brilea illuminating you. You are the sacred knight, and I have to say you are in danger. I see you are the holder of the Sacred Torch of the skies, and you have to know that torch is an excellent arm that will let you to defende yourself against the enemies. But those powers have to be awaken."
  • The fairy blows over the torch while spelling an enchantment, and the fire becomes stronger.
  • Alros: Oh, how strong the fire is! It would make ashes a whole tree in seconds.
  • Fairy: It will if you like... the spirit of the sacred Storms of Fire is burning there. Now I have to go back with my father, he should be worried. I will be waiting for you in the Solar Altar. I like to take you here, that is a wonderful place, but mortals are not allowed there. But I am sure you are destined to be something more than a simple mortal. Bye?
  • The fairy disappears. Now player is able to use the firestorm and the firewall to fight against many enemies.

Solfa as the savior of Alros

The first time the life of Alros is out, Solfa comes and she cries "Oh, sacred Alros, you are dismaying, you cruel enemies have hurt you. But you should continue... I invoke you, my daughters, Oh Golden Fairies, please took this poor mortal and take him to your sacred temple. I request you to restore his health with the water of the fountain of Life". Then Four yellow fairies appear, and they take him to the Sacred Temple of Life. The game restars with Alros in bed, receiving cares from the Golden Fairies. They say "He has woken! He is back!". The Life of Alros is totally restored. The player has to set out of bed to Alros, because Alros has to come back to the fight. He goes to the Fountain of Life, where he found the Golden Fairy Queen. They have a conversation:

  • Fairy: "I am glad to see you are well. I have poured water of this fountain during half day, and I knew your body will be cured."
  • Alros: "Thanks a lot. I need a new favor: Can you take me now to the battle?. I have to save the light of the days."
  • Fairy: "No! You would die, you are a gentle boy, I will not let anyone can hurt you."
  • Alros: "Everyone will be hurt if I do not light up all the temples."
  • Fairy: "Sigh, that is true. But my fairies will be taking care of you, and if you are hurt again, they will save you again. Anyway I will take you back to the last temple you lighted up, so you can start again your last travel with more caution. Good luck!".

Now, every single time the life of Alros goes out, the golden fairies will take him to the Sacred Temple of Life, where he will wake again (with a restored life) and go again to the fountain. There, the Queen will immediatly take him back to the last altar he lighted up.

Alros, Solfa and the Solar Temple

Solfa is the guider of the sacred wind Alros when he is in the maze of the Solar Altar.

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