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In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Fairy Menisne is the bacchant fairy. She is the wildest fairy, and she wants everyone to be an savage animal totally devoted to the pleasures and the wild celebration of the Life.

Alros and Menisne

Menisne is the queen of the Queendom of Menisne. However, the fire of her sacred throne has been put off, and now she is not a happy bacchant but a sad fairy. However, she remains being a wild fairy, and when she finds Alros in the door of her palace, the first thing she tries to do is to turn him into a deer.

If Alros drinks the strange drink she offers him, his head will turn into the one of a deer. She will also enchant Irobe, turning her into one of her bacchants.

If Alros does not drink what she offers, she will be annoyed, and she will not help him at all, she will go away.

Otherwise, she will ask to her deer-like servant Alros to help her to defeat the evil monsters that have taken the palace. She will bring him many earth spells to defeat the mosnter that now reside inthere.

If Alros did not drunk her drink, he will have to defeat the monsters without those spells. The positive side is that the enchanted deer-like Alros will not have to obey the weird sudden caprices of the fairy. I.e: Menisne would force him to harvest her vineyard in the middle of a battle.

At the end, after Alros lights up the altar, she is so happy she gives her another drink: This one is ambrosia, and it will be the first step into his transformation into a Sacred Wind. However, if Alros was under the deer enchantment of Menisne, he will keep his deer head until his final transformation into a sacred wind. However, thanks to his deer form he will be able to invoke the earth spells of Menisne outside her palace.

After drinking Ambrosia, Alros's torch' fire becomes stronger, and he becomes able to invoke many spells without needing of an special item.

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