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In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Fairy Hekate is the terrible Queen of the Ghosts and Snakes and mother of the Ghost Sprites. She loves to turn living beings into ghosts, sacrificing their souls to honor her beloved mother Moon, using her ghost sprites to take the souls of her victims.

She wants to turn the whole region of the Lunar temple into her queendom of ghosts and nocturnal sprites.

She lives in the the regions near Altar of the Stars (Night) and Lunar Altar the ghost sprites. Her palace is the Sacred Temple of Night.

Alros and Hekate

If Alros is parasited by four ghost sprites, he will be turned into a ghost (see Ghost Alros). In that case, the terrible Fairy Hekate will demand him complete devotion to her and to the Moon.

As a ghost, he is able to take the shape of a spectral horse, snake or owl. His first tasks will be to capture birds, deers and other animals to take them to the Sacred Temple of Night so Hekate can offer them to Moon by turning them into ghosts. After Alros collect four offerings, Hekate took them, but suddenly she realizes she can not even look at the Moon due to the dark clouds that are covering the sky, and the ritual fails.

Next, Hekate will send his ghost Alros to the near town with a white bow with four white arrows to turn four girls into ghosts. But it also fails, even although Alros turns four girls into ghosts, the four girl ghosts are weak and ill and when Hekate takes to the temple she discovers due to the lack of Moonlight the ritual was not toally successful.

But Hekate really wants to turn everyone in the region into ghosts, and the third task of Alros is to go over the clouds to get some Moonlight in an urn, so Hekate can conclude the rituals. It is very difficult, and if the player got it, Hekate will promise him he will be a prince in her queendom of ghosts. Otherwise, he will have to do the fourth task that is to get some spectral fire from the Ghost Dragon.

After the tasks are completed, Hekate turns Alros into a prince ghost, and now he looks like a great and fiery spectral horse, able to turn everyone he wants into ghost by burning with his fire. But Alros (that has his will back) explains he does not want to be a prince ghost, at least not now, now before he has saved the day. Furthermore, she will not able to totally enjoy the Moonlight with those dark clouds shading in the sky.

Hekate says she hates the day and the sunlight, she just loves night and it is OK if the day never comes again. But he has to explain that without the day, the night will not have any meaning. After some dialog, Hekate accepts to let him to go to save the day. She makes a spell, and Alros is turned back to his sacred wind form, but his eyes remain totally red as the ghost sprites continues parasiting him.

  • Hekate: After you save the day, you will have to come back, you are still my ghost, a prince of ghosts. By now, a spell will keep you as a boy, but when it will be broken when the Sun rises again, and you will become a ghost forever.

Even with this spell over him, Alros can temporaly turn into a ghost if another ghost sprite gets him. Sometimes, if he is too hurt, and the fairies are not able to heal him, he can be turned into the ghost horse until his life is restored. The ghost horse mode is useful to turn enemies into harmless phantoms.

At the end of the game (Temple of Victory), an alternative end involves Alros turning into a horse ghost and Hekate trying to ride him back to her queendom. The fairies talk to Hekate, they want Alros to remain with themm and she finally accepts to cede, so Alros will be a solar god during day, to celebrate with the fairies, and a lunar ghost during night, to venerate both Hekate and Moon with fervor.

Additionally, she is the guide of Alros in the Altar of the Stars.

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