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In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, the Fairy Brilea is the protector fairy of Alros, and the Queen of the Forest. She gives him the Torch of the Skies and Irobe.


She took the form of a star to illuminate the Earth when the dark clouds of the evil Lord Dim hidden the sky.

Health powers

She can heal him if necessary, but the likes of Brilea's light crossing through the clouds are really low (about 1/15).

Furthermore, the invocation will consume some Alros's life. Anyways, there are special places (I.E. A high hill), where the likes of the light of Brilea reaching him are by far higher.

During all the game she throws from the sky, in the form of meteors, items that are useful for Alros, but he will have to find them after they are fallen. Those items includes little doves that are made up of the voice of Brilea. They will give him some tips and advises, and then they will disappear.

She is the guide of Alros in the Great Temple of the Fairies, as she sends the most powerful of her doves to guide him.

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