In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, Aurora is the Queen of the Fairy of Skies, and the most important fairy in the game.

Alros and Aurora

In the Lunar Altar, Alros has to release her from a cage where she was trapped. It is a short meeting, and the only thing Alros hears from her is "Thanks, oh, holy wind. I will be waiting for you in my altar". After this, Aurora blows over the torch of Alros, and the fire becomes white. After this, both fire storm and fire wall are transformed into light storm and light wall, with very different behaviors. Furthermore, almost every powers of Alros is slighty changed. In the maze of the Altar of Dawn, Aurora is the guider of Alros.

The Final Battle

Alros is helped by Aurora in the Final Battle against Lord Dim.

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