In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, Aphrodite is the most beautiful fairy. She is released from a wine's urn by Alros, and the only thing she was to is being venerated and glorified for her beauty.

Alros and Aphrodite

When Alros destroys the urn where from a voice can be heard asking for help, in the Sacred Fountain, the fairy Aphrodite is set free. When she appears, she is so beautiful Alros losses his self-control, and he kneels before her. The fairy tells she will reward him letting him to watch her all the time he wants. To continue, the player has to make Alros to turn back, so he can not see her (it is rather difficult). Any time Aphrodite will try to be watched by him, and the player has to change the direction of Alros so he can not look at her. Finally, Aphrodite says "Do not you like to admire me? I am Aphrodite, I am pure pleasure for any eye, I can not believe you do not enjoy my beauty... Am I ugly for you? I will cry". Alros will respond "Do not cry, beautiful fairy... I would remain here forever only admiring you, but I have to save the light of the days. An evil being has extinguished the fire of the altars of the Skies, and I have to light up them all. When this all is gone, I will be glad to visit you again just to please my eyes. But now I have to go". Aphrodite says "It is OK. I will be waiting for you. But I want to help you now, I am fairy and I have to do anything to get restore the fires that wake the morning. Take it, it is my light, a gift from me to you.". Now Aphdorite is gone, and Alros has gained the "Star of Dawn", an lightful attack that can blind almost every weak to regular enemy. But it is not only an attack, it has many positive effects on fairies, exciting them to give more blessings to Alros, and it has other positive effects on other things.

Occasionally, she will appear again to guide him in other parts of the Sacred Fountian.

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