Disambiguation:Fairy could refer to:

  • A Nymph.
  • One of four daughters of Moon and Sun of Serpens Islands.
  • Moon, overall when using her titles of "Mother of Fairies" and "Fairy Queen".
  • A female Numina.
  • A benevolent female imaginary friend of a (generally male) kid. See Fadineae.
  • Many tiny mythical nocturnal female forestal spirits, like the Meliseas.
  • A Issare a mythical bee goddess.
  • A stellar female spirit, like the Queen Stars (See Elin) and the Zeolides, or any nocturnal star or planet.
  • Any daughter of Moon, like Ciarisa.
  • In Sleepo and Alros and The Torch of Skies video games, female protector spirits of the nature and dreams.

Note: While Nymphs is widely used to refer to spirits related directly to Earth, Fairies is preferred for nocturnal spirits, related to the Moon and the stars.

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