Extreme Chess is a new kind of Chess, including:

  • New kinds of Pieces TO THE EXTREME: Missile, Dragon, Tank, Zombie, Soldier, General, Alien.
  • Not one, not two... but FOUR kings per player.
  • Four players mode, including a bigger chessboard.
  • Peons can become KINGS if they reach the other edge of the board.
  • Interchangeable cards with introduction to the differents monsters (pieces), and their special powers.
  • New hidden special movements.
  • Players have to CRY every single movement. I.E: "Queen, Flashing Attack! Now!".
  • A badly-animated anime serie (To the EXTREME!!!) with over 450 episodes.
  • Piece revival cards.
  • Special cards bringing more new powers for monsters.
  • Collectable pieces.

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