Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You wake up lying in a bed of leaves. You can taste some sort of honey on your lips, indeed, this honey is no other thing that breathe of nymph. You look around, there are many smiling nymphs, discussing about who will be the next one that will to kiss you. You can see the honey pouring from her lips, they are savage goddesses of honey, indeed. And there is nothing they like more than kissing the lips of a lighthearted man like you.

Their honey has cured all your body, hurt by the fight.

You: My sword! Where is my sword!

The nymphs look at you, and some of then begin to flee. He has woken!, they say. But they soon come back, and one of them talks you.

Nymph: Your sword? We ditched that horrible weapon. We are nymphs, we love peace and joy, and we hate weapons. We found you, you were hurted after a terrible fight, and we took you to our forest. Sorry about the kisses, but we nymphs enjoy drinking the pure breaths of good men like you. Our lips are sacred honey, and I am sure it helps to heal you, anyway. Please remain in our forest, you will never know pain nor grief. Your only food and drink will be the honey of our lips... What else do you want?

You really like the nymphs, they are beautiful, but you are not sure.

Nymph: At least remain here till the next morning. You know, it was my turn to kiss you... I can not even remember the last time we had a man to kiss, and we were so anxious... please remain until we have satisfy our lips on you. At exchange, our honey will make you stronger and wiser, I swear. Also , we will give you a little present.

Do you want to remain with the nymphs?

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