In the game Gnome Knocker, you play Jimmy or Serenity. The one you have chosen has read an evil book called the Gnomonicon and has realeased hundreds of evil gnomes into the world. Some of them are worse than others, but all of them must be stopped somehow. That's your job. Most normal gnomes can be stopped via attacking them until they run out of health, but some eviller gnomes (bosses) must be read back into the book. This job is harder than it seems.

Gnome Knocker Enemies

Common Enemies

  • Lawn Gnome - The first enemy you fight in Gnome Knocker. They stand about half as big as you and just basically run around a lot, crashing into things (which can do a lot of damage). They can run into you as well, but they seem to be more interested in causing damage and mass hysteria than hurting a little kid. One whack from almost any tool will pretty much take them out. They are encountered in the first couple of Episodes, and not much of a threat.
  • Living Book - These are only encountered in the library and when you fighting Professor G. Gnome, and one of the few non-gnome enemies in the game. They are books the fly towards you in a bird-like motion. Using a shield is enough to deflect them and get them to leave you alone. Just about the weakest enemy in the game.
  • Giant Lawn Gnome - The only gnome enemy in the Episodes where you are shrunk to the size of a fly. These are simply giant versions of the regular Lawn Gnomes, except they cannot be killed due to them being so incredibly massive. Luckily the only way they can hurt you is by squishing you with their feet. They also can't see you, due to you being so incredibly tiny.
  • Mice - Only fought in Episode 3. These are seemingly giant versions of house mice, but are actually normal mice because you are so small. It's really hard to kill them because they catapult forward and serve more as an opstical than as an enemy. But, yes, they can be killed. It just takes a lot of hits from a good weapon. Let's just say that the slingshot won't do it.
  • Fly - Fought in Episodes 3 & 4. Once again, these seem to be giant versions of normal flies, but are in actuality just normal flies due to you being so puny. These guys you should fight because they don't have a lot of health. And it's pretty easy to beat them back with a slingshot.
  • Spiders - Fought in Episodes 3, 4, & 6. In the first two levels, they are just common house spiders that seem enormous because you're so small. In the second part of Episode 6, they are really giant spiders. Anyway, Spiders are one of the most dangerous of the insect-type monsters because if they catch up to you, they'll bite and poison you. This is not fun. They are best fought from a distance.
  • Ants - Only fought in Episode 4. Not much to say about these guys. They sort of take the place of the Lawn Gnomes. They do seem to be giant, but you should be catching on by now. They are weak and easy to defeat.
  • Bees - Only in episode 4. These are just like the flies, except they have a deadlier attack. You don't want to get hurt by them. Yes, they seem giant too.
  • Beetles - Think ants that have five times the hitpoints. That's basically what beetles are. Only in Episode 4. And to get this straight, every enemy in Episode 4 and 5 (except for Giant Lawn Gnomes), are bugs or bug-like!
  • Praying Mantis - One of the worst of the bug-type enemies. Encountered in Episode 4. These guys run after you on sight, hungry for a meal. The best thing to do is run somewhere so small that they can't enter.

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