Edward Origins tells the story an 8 year old child who tries to become a hero like his parents and other ancestors. In this story, he and his older brother, Stanley, learned a lot about how their family had been helping the world for generations. As Stan decides not to be the next hero, he let Edward take over to follow the Berkowitz legacy to become a hero. Before his father start to tell him how he and his mother became heroes themselves, a ruthless human-vampire hybrid named Alpha, barged inside Edward's house and attacked their parents. He picked up a wrench and hit Alpha in the head after killing his parents and ran with Stan away from the house and escaped. Alpha vowed that he would destroy Edward for obliterate the Berkowitz name. A few hours later, Edward and Stan took a boat and rowed away from Canada to Europe, and ended up in Paris, France. Morning came and found themselves sleeping in a house, where they find a girl named Melody. She spoke with them and asked why were in France; Edward explained the whole situation about what happened in his home. Melody agreed to help out him and Stan defeat Alpha. They went to London to see what happened; it was in total destruction. Stan found Alpha trying to destroy innocent people. Ed sprang to action to deal with Alpha, but ended up hurting Stan in the process. Melody, using an archery blaster, put a tracking device in his shirt. They followed Alpha to Tokyo and saw him stealing some tech for the destruction of the world. Edward went solo to find him and stop him on his own; he didn't want his brother or his new friend/love interest to get killed. Edward made it to the warehouse, but couldn't find him. He went back to find Stan & Melody, but find a note that said Alpha kidnapped them to his family castle in Transylvania. Edward took a bi-plane to Alpha's castle to find his friends and ended being trapped with them. Alpha told them about his plan and tries to destroy them, but Edward remembers he has his wrench and a weapon that he would use to defeat him. After beating Alpha, he rescues his friends and escapes the exploding castle. Back in Toronto at Edward house, they were some repairs that are need to be done. Edward said that "There's a new hero in town!" and this is how the story ends!

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