EarthBound: the final fight

(reamember this is an idea not a real game)

in this action-packed game you will see all the characters from Super Smash Bros. Brawl so waht happens is in an underground secret base run by all the characters is james (a character i made up) is visted by Porky (from earthbound) who knocks James out of his senses and he starts to use his PSI powers in a strange form witch includes: Big fox like ears three bushy tails claws thick soft lush black grey and white fur with giant 50 foot long and 30 foot wide bat wings appering as a boss in a few locations with 500 HP! flying away soon taking off to distant planet that he put into his image as an empire soon the team see alot of joy in some of his planet and see a sign that he's coming back to his senses soon once they make it through 10 planets they finally fight but when Porky arrives the characters get really hot and bothered and take off their clothes and rip his clothes off and begin sucking his porky dick and he cums all over their faces and they all lick it up but it turns out to be poison and they all pass out and have to restart their adventure.

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