Earth's Power Beasts saga
Hector · Luz · Rosa · Arthur · General Kader Bard
Falcon of Winds · Serpent of Fires · Doe of Forests · Dolphin of Seas
Evil Shadow · Mr. Maldad · Post-Mutants (Amonian · Demonian · Draculaster · Chivator · Chupacabraster) · Sí Sí Jefe

Earth's Power Beasts are the most powerful animals that exist. They have power over nature and skies. They have woken to protect nature from the evil plans of Evil Shadow and Mr. Maldad. The four power beasts are: a falcon, a doe, a serpent and a dolphin.

Each one have chosen a human child to share its power. They are very powerful beings, but they need the abundant imagination of human kids to release the hidden forces of nature.

  • Falcon, king of winds chose Hector, a shepherd.
  • Serpent, invoker of fires, chose Hector's little sister Luz.
  • Doe, protector of forests, chose Rosa.
  • Dolphin, representative of seas, chose Arthur.

Each kid is the only one who can talk with its beast. Kid and beast have joined their minds and spirits, fighting as a whole.

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