It's the apocalypse. 2012 has destroyed the entire world, except for some survivors. The few survivors have been divided into many "gangs", such as biker gangs, rapist gangs, street gangs, etc. One family fights for freedom, the Duke family. Originally from Kansas City, Kansas, they travel around the continent surviving day by day.


Steve Duke

Oldest, the father, 51 years old. Wields a 2 barrel double gauge shotgun, with a 7 bullet carbine clip, and 2 hidden pistols. Strongest of the family. Main character.

Kim Duke

Second oldest, the mother, 49 years old. Wields a simple shotgun. Is the driver of the family. Side character.

Rodney Duke

Middle aged child, 16 years old. Wields a classic AK-47, 2 hidden pistols, and a hidden dagger. Side character.

Jimmy Duke

Youngest child, 13 years old. Wields double pistols along with a sniper rifle and baseball bat. Weakest, but very good shot. Side character.

Natalie Duke

Oldest child, 19 years old. Wields grenade launcher and pistol. Very smart. Side Character.

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