Okay, the title seems a little weird, but go along with it. The plot is pretty cool and interesting, and you might find yourself reading it over and over again."Have you ever heard of the 'Nebular Hypothesis'? The idea first put forward in general terms by Immanuel Kant in 1775, and then more specifically by LaPlace in 1796, that the solar system formed through the progressive condensation of a gassy nebula which once encircled the Sun. It was suggested that as this nebula rotated and contracted, rings of gas were cast off at various stages from which the planets subsequently condensed. Accordingly, the outer planets would have formed first, followed by Mars, the Earth, Venus, and Mercury. This notion of a sequential origin, from outermost planet to innermost, influenced subsequent debate about the nature of life on our neighboring worlds. In particular, it implied that Mars was more evolved than the Earth, so that if intelligent Martians existed they were likely more advanced than ourselves , whereas Venus, being a younger world, might support only primordial forms of life. The nebular hypothesis also implied, in sharp contrast with its great rival, the 'Catastrophic Hypothesis', that planets, and possibly life, around other stars might be common.This was great news to our government and 'NASA'. It kept us searching for life beyond Earth, and eventually allowed us to become technologically advanced. But something was strange, during the summer, it was scorching hot. So scientists improvised and ran studies. They soon came up with the idea of 'Global Warming'. Which provided explicit details for the end of the world, supposedly '2012'. 'Global Warming' was thought up from pollution, which in return, caused severe health problems, and ruined the atmosphere.'Global Warming' wasn't just caused by pollution. After the big scare during '2012', everyone took shelter, and riots broke out, only to be subsided by the apologies from scientist. The human race, once again, lasted through an 'End of the world' scenario. Then scientists ran more studies and experiments, and then came to the conclusion that the sun, is still heating up. Remember the 'Nebular Hypothesis'? Well, once the nebula started rotating, it collapsed within itself and the center heated up, creating the sun. Apparently, it's still heating up. Getting hotter every decade.Many people believed that ‘Global Warming' was just a big publicity scam, thought up by our government and fellow scientists. But 'Global Warming' was still a big issue. The temperature raised a 1/4 of a degree every decade, so in 40 years, the temperature would've gained 2 degrees. The thought of this to most people was just plain, they didn't care. The other's took this information, and carefully lived their lives in fear. The year is now '2340', and Earth is gone, it burned up in ashes. For years we lived in constant heat, knowing winter would never come.The temperature rose to 280 degrees. Our scientists had to create bunker/base camps that we had to live in, while wearing these pressurized suits, that kept us cool all the time. Over the next 20 years, scientists had designed a ship, a space craft to hold most of the humans and 2 of every animal. Now I bet you're thinking, 'Did they make suits for the animals?!'. No, but they took a egg and sperm cell from each animal, and kept them cryogenically frozen. They also did this from all the plant life, the egg and angio sperm.It took them over 100 years to design and build the ship.During this time period, the scientists had cloned the sperm and egg cells to provide oxygen and food for us, we would grow the plants and animals in antechambers, which was constantly kept at 5 degrees. Once they grew to their extent, we would cut them loose from their oxygen and nutrients, basically killing the fully grown animal, for food. Now it wasn't really slaughter, they didn't have thoughts, their brains weren't even mature, they were kept asleep like in the whomb until their full life expectancy, then we would take their lives for ours.The ship they built covered almost the entire U.S. And once finished it could only hold 1 or 2 billion, of the estimated 4 billion left on the Earth. The thought of leaving our own kind behind, to save our skins was sickening, but they died in honor! We had gotten the ship in space, and was on patrol for 20+ years. You would think that the population would grow, but no. The government injected each male with a medication every month to keep the sperm from entering the seminal stream. So you could have sex, but you couldn't get your partner pregnant.It was quiet on the ship, no loud talking, people had their own rooms, it was a family sized room, and you were not allowed to leave. Food was made in the top of the ship, where the cloned animals were stored. Once the food was made, it was put in packaging, and sent in tubes to each room. There were 3 meals a day, and a snack. Everyone on the ship had exercising equipment in their house/apartment. Everybody, was in fit physical condition. They were all perfectly healthy, and had no flaw to them. Perfect hygiene and everything.There were still kids on the ship, but they were born on Earth. I was just a baby at the time. I'm 28 now, and my name is Kyle Cristophenson, K.C for short, but many people like to call me Michael, I have no idea why either. But I am part of the Army. The space army I guess. We are allowed to leave our rooms. We are working with the scientists searching for planets that could possibly hold life. During my almost 30 years on this ship named ‘

‘Draken’ is just by the opening of our Galaxy, precisely 200,000,000,000 miles north of planet 2003-UB313, ‘Eris‘. And by Draken is another planet S1737-151, ‘Eurokris‘. ‘Eris’ and ‘Eurokris’ were the closet planets to us that could possibly hold life. We excavated them in our previous mission, but we were unsuccessful on finding the requirements needed to start a colonization. Since we recently found out about ‘Draken’, me and a group of highly trained soldiers went down to explore the planet. Upon arrival, everything was well, and all vital signs were good, then something happened.

We went back to our jet/space crafts to report back to the mother ship, but our crafts were destroyed. And the worse part is, we’re not alone! 2 of our 12 men have died so far, and we just made contact with our commanding officer, but he refuses to bring us back up in fear of the hostile alien race of this planet, boarding the ship also, and killing us all…"

Okay, here was a little description on what has happened so far in time. The world has ended and you, K.C., and a group of 12 highly trained soldiers were stationed on the mother ship named

There are actually several different types of aliens on the planet. You have the alien creatures/monsters which can grow in size, and infect humans, taking over their body. These aliens are the "Mortars", the "Brexing" and the "Zaphlis". "Mortars" are these big monsters on land that shoot this skin melting chemical from it's anus. It looks much like the creature off of the new "Star Trek" movie. The "Brexing" are creatures underwater, the look like a giant angler fish, or that thing from "Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace".

The "Zaphlis" are burrowers, much like the worms from "Tremors". The can grow in size anywhere from 3-75 feet. They are slimy, and their blood is like the acidic blood from the "Aliens" movies. The slime on the creature's body is edible, and works as a great wound healer, this is very helpful later in the game. There are also multiple alien races much like the humans, they talk, and walk on 2 legs. But some have 4 legs, or 2 heads and what not. They are hostile, but some that you encounter will join your crew and help you throughout the game.

In this game, you will be able to use your environment as weapons and shelter. You can take cover in a cave, or you can set mines in that cave, lure a creature in there, run out and detonate them, and take the carcass for food. You are equipped with 4 weapons. A "Battle Rifle", a "Shot Gun", an "SMG" and a "Pistol". You are also equipped with many explosives, and a lot of ammo, but use it wisely because once you use it all, there's no more, then you have to improvise, so I suggest you use your environment. You will be able to make medicines and food along with camps.

This game is an "RPG" so you'll be able to do anything. It's a free roam game, and you have to keep your team mates alive. Say you go to explore and a crew member gets lost, you have to go find him and make sure their okay. So you can, like I said, make potions, medications, food, shelter, camps, clothes and armor, weapons and all sorts of things. This game can be either a "FPS" or a "TPS", you can choose in the main menu, you will be able to change it in your character options menu too. The only difficulties are "Easy", "Normal", "Hard" and "Blood Shed".

Eventually you bear to the end of the game, where you and your last few crew members manage to steal a ship from the aliens, and fly it back up to your mother ship and spend the rest of your life in space, searching for a new planet. Or, if you play on the hardest difficulty, there's an alternate ending. You're the last survivor of your team, and you manage to steal an alien ship. But once you leave the hanger, and asteroid strikes the planet, sending a blast towards you, causing you to eject from the cockpit and plummet to the plant, thankfully the aliens have created parachutes also, but they're just a big ball of energy that wraps around you, and bounces off of the ground.

You make your way to the asteroid, and to your utter disbelief, it dug up an alien space ship, it must have crash landed, and the races already here killed off whoever was piloting the ship. It seems that it's from "Mars", but it has ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on it. You look inside and there are ancient, famous historians, perfectly preserved in cryogenic chambers, still alive! You've read about these philosophers too. You start up the ship, and fly to your mother ship where the scientists study the craft. And onboard there's a computer that shows coordinates to hundreds of planets that contain life.

Then, you travel to the closest one, and it holds human life. You land and greet everyone there. They're billions of parcepts ahead of you in technology. Their planet is one hundred times the size of "Earth". So there's a happy ending. But there's going to be a sequel, where you start to live on the planet, but the race from "Draken" followed your ship, and unleashes it's army upon the world, and that's the plot of the second game, a big army against aliens.

There's on more thing, it was an alternate beginning. But if I went with it, there would be no alternate ending. It was that and asteroid hits "Earth" and reveals an alien space craft, and you board it, and it takes you to a planet named "Draken" which was once inhabited by humans and good aliens, but you soon find out that it's the hostile race of aliens now, and you must fight your way back to the mother ship you came on. So, if you read this whole thing, thank you, I really appreciate it, please comment, and tell me if I need to improve, change or add anything to my story, and please fill me in with some ideas, I would love some help!



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