Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You love her that much that you can not avoid blowing fairic fire over her to turn her into a beautiful dragonic mare.

Fairy: What? You have created a mare? Excellent! Now two horses will pull my sacred chariot

The fairy attachs you both to a chariot, and she begins to whip you both to make you to run. However, the whip of the fairy do not hurt at all, and it does not distract you from looking at the beautiful mare you have created.

The mare looks confussed, the esense of the princess is not there anymore, she is just like a strange chimera with no sign of humanity. However, when she sees your loving eyes that look at her, she understands you love her. You both kiss your mouths, in a strange horsic kiss that makes the chariot to stop.

Fairy: Oh, my... my horses are in love! Come on, horses, I have no time for romance now, I have a world to turn into a fairic realm.

May be the power of the fairy is strong over you, but the love is stronger, and you think you would flee away with the mare.

Will you escape from the fairy?

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