Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

Even although you do not like it, you are only a part of the horse's heart, and you can not do anything to stop him without harming your self.

Indeed, besides you, there are other four aspects that dwell on the horse's heart:

  • The Power of the Goddess Lumara, that links you to the fairy
  • The Power of the Gods of Fire, your dragonic part, controlled by the fairy
  • The Chimeric Spirit, that is your beastial and dominant part. It is a mix of your own hidden inner beast and the powers of the gods
  • The Divine Spirit, that one that makes youa god, granted by Lumara and the gods of Fire. He is more sentient than beastial, but you can not control him anyway, and he is devoted to the fairies

Anyway, you can make your heart to stop

Do you want to sacrifice yourself to stop the beast?

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