In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, Foraes is a dragon, friend of the fairies. He is son of the Earth, so he usually appears from the soil, and only its head is shown.

Alros and Foraes

When Alros found the red fairies (shortly after he lights up the altar of the Queendom of Menisne), they guide him to the Crow of Darkness. Alros has to managed to ride this crow so it can take him to the Maze of Darkness to save the third red fairy, who was kidnapped by evil Queen of Darkness. After a basically impossible to win battle against the Dead Vines, the fairies and Alros are sent to the dungeons. However, the Red Fairies found a little space of non-coursed earth, where they can invoke their friend Foraes. The friend comes, and he causes an earthquake that open a hole where they can escape. After escaping from dungeons and the maze, Alros has to confron the Queen of Darkness. After the maze, Foraes helps him many other times.

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