Giant Dragons saga

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Dr. Deather was a human who was finding a cure for the death. It got it, becoming immortal, but the experiment was a failure and he became a skeleton. Now he wants to infect all the humans with his "cure".


Dr. Deather detected a big source of life using his lifometer, and it guided him to the forest of the dragons of Helena. But when the dragons saw the mysterious man, they were ready to fight. Dr. Deather said he was not a menace, the only thing he wanted is a drop of their blood, as it was evidently full of life, life that he needed to create his antidote for death.

They did not accept, but Volcina had mercy, and she bit her own leg, letting some blood to flow. Dr. Deather was really happy, but he was not careful with the drops of dragonic blood and they were contaminated by dangerous toxics. When he used the drops in his antidote and he drank,
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he became that horrible thing. He changed his name from a typical human name to Dr. Deather. He thinks dragons fooled him, and he wants revenge.

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