Divine Day Dream is a little bush of the Sacred Forest of Hamios. It has such a big yellow fruit, named Fruit of Pleasure and Golden Moon. The flavor of this fruit is so intense it is told it can lead to divine trances and joyful states.


There are many myths about this plant: As the fruit is mature (and eatable) only during Full Moon, many people say it is a gift from Moon to mortals. Other persons state it is a divine representation of the divine womb of the goddesses of the forests, and some scholars say it is a manifestation of the goddess of Lost River.

Uses and Effects

After eating the fruit, a person would be tranced during one or two days. After waking up, persons become more romantic, more devoted to gods, more fortunate, happier, and more fertile. Many teens chose to be priests after eating one of those fruits. It is a fact couples who had eaten those fruits had more children than other couples.

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