In Four Kingdoms myths, Demeter is the ever drunk, ever pregnant goddess of the Earth, harvester of wine, lover of the gods. She is basically an orgistic goddess that represents Earth's fertility.

Priesthood and Cult

Her cult is strongly related to the one of Dionysus, and the Full Moon orgies are celebrated to honor her too. Her cult is the pregnancy, and any women who follows this goddess who remain pregnant during all the time. This goddess's main lover is Dionysus, bearing the bacchantic nymphs, but she has also loved Zeus and Poseidon, bearing the oreads (nymphs of the breeze) and the nymphs of the sea. She is the Great Mother, and her body is infinitely fertile, some people even say even a sweet kiss by a little boy can fecund her. She is constantly on labour, eternally springing up gods, plants, animals and chimeras from her ever-pregnant womb.

Nowaydays, the most people of Loris have being bestialized by this goddess and his lover Dionysus.

Blessings and Curses

Her blessing is the life and the childbirth. She can make fecund any thing by just wishing it, and many women have been pregnant by just praying a simple prayer to this goddess, bearing beautiful fairies from her wombs.

The only things she really dislikes are abortion, contraception and loveless eroticism. She demands love, and she does not accept any other goal for the love than conception of new life, that is her sacred mystery. She punishes loveless erotic relationships, making them infertile and bringing them horrible diseases. She also punishes contraception and she punishes abortion with sudden death. She also demands erotic poetry during her orgies, and she says no man can join to her orgy if he is not disposed to love in both heart and flesh to the female members of the celebration, the same with women, they should be ready to love in both heart and flesh to the men who adore the goddess, as, joined to the goddess, they all are an unique being. All the children who are born from these orgies are considered children of the goddess, and should be treated with honor and respect.

She also punishes the destruction of forests and the chase of wild animals. Her devotees can only eat meat from animals they have rised by themselves.

She blesses poets and heroes by sleeping with them to give them demigods as children.

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