Death Route

  1. What is it?
    • A survival/psychological horror game that let's you play as a 16 year-old named Evelynne Manton who's constantly being chased by a supernatural killer dubbed "Mr.Saw" Similar to the game Deadly Premonition.
  2. Gameplay
    • Evelynne is a shy and quiet girl and has no defense against herself whatsoever!
    • Run,hide and try to fight back from Mr.Saw and his different saw types!
    • Use one-time-only weapons to fight back against this demonic man!
    • Solve puzzles in real-time!
    • Explore different locations like,the Manton Hospital,the Staquire Academy for Girls and more!
    • Transform into the angel of death.
  3. The Story
      A typical sunny senior year day in the school assembly hall enlightens Evelynne Manton and her friends.Then out of nowhere,one of them was telling each other about a curse that curses a person who can't erase his'her past shall be stalked and kill everyone around him/her by a man named Mr.Saw.Evelynne remembered her past experience in her old school:It was late at night,no one else was around to scream for help,as Evelynne is constantly sexually abused by her science teacher (it's censored,don't worry).She never forgot that.Just then,Evelynne saw in the backstage what her friends described the look of Mr.Saw.Black Cloak,red and green mask with a smile and in his hand,a bloody carpenter's saw!.They also said that the victims' bodies are never found.All that's being left is birthday invitations.But the name of the celebrant can't be read well.She pointed it to her friends but they saw nothing.Evelynne looked again and saw no one also.She thought it was just her imagination.Late at night,at their mansion,no one was home,she put her things down.And the phone rang...She'd had wish she never picked up the phone as what she heard was what sounded like a person being brutally murdered with a saw!There was sound upstairs.Footsteps.Footseps approaching the staircase.Evelynne watched in horror,as a man dressed in a black cloak,and red and green mask,holding a bloody circular saw in hand,stared at her.The chase begins.After much exploring,she finds an uderground passage leading to an underground wine cellar,behind her closet.There she discovers her parents,mutilated (it's also censored).She heard footsteps approaching.She hid inside the special wine room and discovers even more dead bodies--No!Skeletons!.She heard someone approaching the door and she started backing away from the door.She accidentally hit a wine bottle,causing it to fall on the ground and break.Evelynne got startled and hit a lit candle in the room and fell to the floor with the wine,causing a fire.She discovers that there's no way out and passes out.She wakes up in a hospital bed with her friends around her.She asks about the bodies,but her friends got confused at her words.They told her that there were no bodies found.Only bloody invitations to a birthday party with the celebrants name obscured.Then they all start to suspect that the curse maybe true.As each of her friends confess of their dark pasts and encounters with Mr.Saw.Mori used to be a callgirl and killed one of her costumers,Dianne,the rich one,helped her father who's a politician,in gambling,Victoria used to rob banks and Rachel who had affairs with many teachers from different schools,each of them,she steals money.All of them,could not forget their pasts.Then,Dianne,the closest one to her,sadly tells her that Mori said she'd call Evelynne,bu when Dianne visits Mori,no one was there.Only an invitation.Evelynne suddenly remembered the phone call and it spooked everyone.Suddenly,the lights went out.When it came back on,everyone in the room but Evelynne.She gets up from the hospital bed and starts to look around.N one was around.She finds a flashlight,just in case the lights went out again.She hears a scream in the OR.The scene then shows Rachel strapped on a hospital bed,as if she was being prepped for operation.Depending on how fast you get to the OR Rachel will be killed when you get there or an invitation will be on the hospital bed.Whatever the case,the light will go out again.Evelynne switches on the flashlight and looks around and sees Mr. Saw behind the hospital bed and a chase sequence begins.After Evelynne hides from him,she decides to go back to the OR but find the door locked and an indetation on the door like something like a photo will fit in.There are words on it.They say:Bring back the memory of Rachel's true past to enter this room.After exploring,she found her old Science teacher.She asks him about Rachel.He tells her that he and Rachel had an affair with him a long time ago.He gives her his picture of him and Rachel together swimming in some kind of private pool using an uderwater camera.The teacher says that Rachel was the only one he truly loved but she left him two yaers ago,after Evelynne left the school.Evelynne quietly says "Thanks." as she exits the room,but is before she exited,her old teacher,asks her if she still remembers him and if she can forgive him.Evelynne slightly turns her head slightly and says while with a clenched fist:"Of course I remember you,Mr. Frumph.As for forgiving you,I'll think about it.She leaves him and used the photo to enter the OR and discovers "Rachel" lying on the hospital bed,still alive. Here's their conversation: Evelynne:Rachel,what are you doing? Rachel:Waiting for him. E:Him?You mean Mr.Frumph? Suddenly,Mr Frumph storms in and pushes Evelynne out of his way.He approaches Rachel and holds her hand.Here's their conversation: R:You finally came for me. Frumph:What?I was waiting for you. R:It doesn't matter now.We'll be together. E:Wait wait wait.You can't tske her!NO! Frumph and Rachel fade into crystals and disappear as Evelynne cries on the bed,the screen fades black.To be continued...

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