The story should unfold in the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 video game universe. I believe we should be able to use the healing factor and fourth wall breaking to our or Wade's advantage. If Wade is not single, he should have a love interest with interaction. Wade should have an arsenal of weapons. How he activates them should be similar to the "Grand Theft Auto V" weapon wheel. The similarity should stop at the weapons he is using. Wade should have tendencies to be inappropriate and/or talk to the player. It would be a good idea for Wade to have custom vehicles. Wade should have his infamous 2 voices in his head. This should be an open-world PS4 exclusive. Wade should have a multiplayer mode because it would add a lot of comedy for him to interact with other characters and the audience/player. If there is no multiplayer there could at least be other characters following you during the mission(s). Hydra Bob, Spider-Man, or an affordable X-Man would be able to be a nice. I think at Wade should do his usual stuff. I also think there should be distraction meter similar to the fear meter in the Arkham games. I think that Wade should go out of his way to parody superhero games or video games in general.

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