Dead Man's Land is an MMORPG game that functions like a sandbox type of game, go anywhere in the world, do anything.

The object of the game is to survive, level up, unlock new weapons, and customize your character with better gear which would provide, better stats for your player. In the game, millions of other players would be able to interact with you and you would follow a quest line if you choose too. In the game, You can roll solo, or you could choose to roll with a squad, (or an assault team, which is 2 combine 5 man squads). In the game, you would be able to acquire new items, new weapons, and some much needed, zombie killing. You earn badges which you could decorate your character with by doing unusual kills, stunts, or racking up an insane head count from... lets say running out a hundred dead walkers with a tank.


Modern day America, virus out break, and people are suddenly diseased from an outbreak from trial experiment gone bad. You find yourself and a few other in a fight to survive.


Over the shoulder cams, with the ability to aim down the sights of your assorted weaponry. You as the player are able to enter, literally anything. Buildings, open doors, enter vehicles, tanks, helicopters, jets, off shore watercraft. Every object is interactable, allowing you to move object to funnel your enemies to a certain location or even build a fort. you are able to radio in extraction or backup to fight off waves of zombies. FPS rules apply, with gravity on bullets. Vehicle run out of fuel, refueling stations must be found to refuel your vehicles. You vehicles have physics based engines in the game to allow you to land your plane/helicopter on a rooftop and fire down upon your zombie enemies. Zombies are zombies, don't expect them to draw attention to you by slowly walking in low lite areas. but if you make the first shot, expect waves of endless zombies running/ walking towards you. In this case, its good to have a friend close by... you a firing squad. You will need to feed your character, or you will begin to notice over time, you are becoming weaker, making yourself more vulnerable.

Twist: If you are bitten or infected, you have approx 30min to get to an aid station to cure your infection, or you become a zombie, allowing all other players to lay waste to you, and it locks your character out for approx. 1 hour.

(to the writer) Cons to this may be spawning in mid fight, allowing for spawn infecting?(real thing?) and what about servers, if your the leader and can't join your own game for approx. 1hr, what would you do? happily let others play after killing you? I think the idea is brilliant but needs to be thought of in more "sensible terms", like why would you have 30 Min. to find a station when the map size will probably leave you 5 to fight the zombies (at most,) and 10 to find a station(expecting maps are as large and populated like a MC server.)


Sniper: great solo build. allowing speed and paint targets from friend air/arty strikes, light armor

Assault: well balanced build. Allows for good firing support, medium speed, medium armor

Demolition: explosives expert. grants extra dmg for explosive use and heavy gunning, lacks speed, heavy armor

Support: Resupplies fuel, ammo, food rations, able to function as medic to heal minor wounds. light armor, light firing weapons.

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