Dark Stallion is the last good super-hero on Earth, after the Evil League of Evil Super Heroes took control of Earth.

The Beginning

When he was a baby, his parents were killed by Alter Man, leader of ELESH, during the attack to the city of Macrovia. The baby was saved by Athena, goddess of good heroes, who wake up from her eternal dream to choose a new hero to defeat the coming evil. She gave him to a family of sacred horses and they raise him as their son. As he drank the milk of a sacred mare, he develops a horsic side, getting the attribute to become a horse when he wants. When he was a teen, Athena began to training him to make him a hero. She gave him a winged lance that comes back after reaching its target. He designed his own super-heroic clothes, and he was begun to be called Dark Stallion, although his real name is unknown. In his horsic form he is called Bolt.

The Revenge

Alter Man had many powers: Flying, Laser Vision, Super Strength and more, meanwhile Dark Stallion gets his powers from the gifts that Athena gave him and things gadgets he creates by himself, like Beta Ray. As Bolt he can fly and has many powers, but he is an overall savage horse that usually refused to obey Dark Stallion's willing.

Dark Stallion wants to revenge the death of his parents, and he had been chasing Alter Man during a long time. But his Bolt's side is not so cooperative, and he usually missed him because the horse did not wanted to fly. However, when Alter Man discovered Dark Stallion was son of the couple he killed, he decided to complete his work killing the son. So Alter Man began to look for Dark Stallion until they finally met each other.

Alter Man: "So you are the son of my victims. Rats! I never leave a work uncompleted, so I will destroy you. But... Tell me... How did you escape from my hyper bomb of Doom that destroyed your whole town?".

Dark Stallion: "Goddess Athena saved me so I could destroy you forever".

Alter Man: "But... If Athena is a goddess... Why does not she kill me by herself?".

Dark Stallion: "I DO NOT KNOW"

Alter man: "Gods's stuff..."

Dark Stallion: "Yeah... Gods's stuff.. I guess".

The final battle was very hard and complex including fight on many scenarios like:

  • A Desert
  • A Dessert (Yes, A Dessert... It was horrible)
  • Sea
  • Inside a Volcano
  • Space

The final spatial battle was very intense, and it was beginning to look like a tie. But Alter Man then released a super freezing attack against Sun, turning off the unique light. He used infra-ray goggles to attack Dark Stallion, who suffered important damage. The situation was hopeless, and Alter Man was about to kill Dark Stallion when Athena suddenly appeared and said: "Hey, you are right. Why do not I destroy you by my self?". And Athena used a divine curse to transform him into a stone. After this, she lighted up Sun and saved his adopted son from the cold space.

After this, Evil Pirate Clown took the place of Alter Man as ELESH's leader.

The name

The fact his name is "Dark Stallion" does not mean he is evil. The dark thingy is because that is the color of the horse he turns into. He will never work with the Dark Force, of course. He is the good guy of this Saga.


Unlike other heroes who look like spiders, vampires, earthworm and other things, Dark Stallion is the only one who becomes a true horse. That is strange but fresh! I guess.

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