Lord Dim at Chaos Mode

In the Alros and The Torch of Skies game, Dark Orb was the place where King Sun, Queen Moon and the fairies enclosed all the darkness that they found when they were creating the land of Dream of Light. They never took care of this orb, as they thought nobody was fool enough to like to play the darkness itself. But they were wrong, and Lord Dim, looking for new sources of power, found this ball and used it to kill the sacred knights and to extinguish the fires of the altars of the Sky.


  • It has only dark powers
  • It can create a Dark Sun that is able to suck life, fire and light instead givng it
  • When relesed, it joins to the evilest being it can find to create the most terrible shadow ever.
  • Scorpions kill everything when near the orb.
  • Lady Gaga tried to steal the Orb once.

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