Cyclone Wars is a real-time strategy [RTS] videogame currently in concept stages. Release date is unknown, but the game is tentatively being considered for the Nintendo 3DS.


Unlike most other RTS games, Cyclone Wars has two campaigns, but jumps between them at certain points.


Cyclone Wars is a less traditional RTS, utilising different strategies for the two sides.



There are three resources: iron, copper, and aluminum. [Then there's power, of course, but see below for it.] These resources are required to construct and repair anything.


Cyclons and Centaurians have different methods of gathering power for their bases, but the same problems arise if you run out of power.

If you don't have too much spare power, powersaving functions will be activated. Your radar map will go offline and unit production will slow.

Run completely out of power, and your problems balloon. Chief among them is that your battle control uplink will fail, and you'll be unable to give orders for 5 agonizing seconds while the backup connects. When that happens, all figures on the HUD will have a margin for error, and all defensive turrets will start battery operation. If their batteries run out, they fall silent.

How do you avert this? Get more power! Raise power levels back into the yellow and the HUD will resume cooperating, turrets will use grid power again, and your primary uplink will reconnect. Get power back to green and units will come at full pace, and radar will come back online.


Almost the 'good guys' of the campaign, these robots are ruthless in their zeal to do whatever it is their leader is telling them to do.


Constructing Centaurian buildings is handled by three units: the Iron Drone, the Steel Drone, and the Golden Drone. Select one or more of these and press the Build button in the HUD. Then select your building, place it on the ground, and wait for the Drones to finish construction.


The Centaurians gather resources in the 'traditional' way: send a Drone to a mineshaft, wait for them to gather ore, then they'll walk to the Drone Yard or a Refinery to drop it off and repeat.


Centaurians can gain power from all structures by placing a Turbine upgrade on them. Drone Yards come prefitted with a Turbine. Also, they can gain a small amount of power from units by researching the Solar Panels upgrade [this will not work during cloudy weather], and can build dedicated structures. However, their units also use power; if the grid blacks out, they begin battery operation. Batteries are automatically recharged by solar panels, but slowly; use the Recharge ability to enter a power-saving mode and charge faster. If their batteries run out, the units cease to operate.


Defense turrets, like Turbines, are fitted to buildings; most buildings come prefitted with a Laser Turret.

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