Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

The horse is running as fast as he can. He is like a god of the wind, the breeze is like his legs and the clouds are like his mane.

You enjoy the travel, but it soon ends when you get into a croosroad.

An dark-dressed enchantress appears before you, she looks like a young woman but she has three heads of mare, she is hecate, the bestial goddess of crossroads.

  • Goddess Hecate: Oh, what a beautiful divine horse! And what a handsome rider! Hello, voyager, I am the goddess of the crossroads, the guider of the travellers who are being blessed by the gods, like you. You can continue north, and you will get into the pleasant forest of the nymphs. They will treat you like a god, and you will be pleased by their enchants, but that is a peaceful sacred forest and weapons are not allowed, so you will have to leave your sword here. Otherwise, you can continue East, and you will get into the barren prairies that lead to nowhere...

Which path do you want to chose?

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