In 2080, World War IV takes place on Earth and as predicted it was a nuclear war between every country in the world except Canada. On July 4, 2083, after a desperate attempt to make treaties, the launch happened. Unknowingly, every country sent bombs to every country in the world except Canada. Every country which was hit lost every single inhabitant on them. Radiation is all over the world causing no living thing to exist.

Soon after the war was over, survivors in Canada started trying to rebuild the world. Over time, they made contact with extra terrestrial beings and made treaties with each planet. The treaties allowed Earth to be inhabited by any species that wished to. Several years later Canada had so many different types of beings in its population that the named got change from Canada to Cross city the only city on Earth.


Main Characters

Jackson Mendel

Jackson Mendel: 5’ 7’’ tall; short brown hair; large ideal about 250 pounds in weight; green eyes; white t-shirt with large holes on lower back of left shoulder, top front of left sleeve, and front of right sleeve; black slacks; and black dress shoes.

Background: Former bio engineer Jack Mendel has recently escaped from a mental institution in Cross City. His diagnosis was that while working late one night fell into a vat of chemicals causing irregular brain function. He was labeled as a danger to society after he had climbed out of the vat and killed 7 guards in attempt to leave the facility. He wears the cloths he had on the night that he fell into the vat as he wonders the streets of Cross City looking for Fredric Brown who had supposedly kidnapped his wife while he was at work that sad night.

Weapons: Jackson Mendel does not carry and weapons regularly, but he can use items such as power tools, melee weapons and corpses if there are within his reaching distance.

Special Abilities: Acidic Body Oder, Battering Run, and Poison Biting

Carrie Slyde

Carrie Slyde: 5’ 10’’; long red hair; green eyes; thin, but muscular; ideal near 140 pounds; tight dark red three piece leather suit; high heeled dark red boots; size C breast

Background: From the home planet of Venus also known as the planet of lust, Carrie Slyde has come to Cross city Earth to make a living in other areas than the stereotypical Venus prostitution/escorting services. Later to find that she was not welcome to Cross City from none other than Don Merissa Venn Louse who dreadfully envied the amount of attraction that Carrie had possessed of her husband Jenson Louse. Carrie was placed on the death list by Don Merissa. The only way Carrie can live a safe and normal life is if she tracks down and confronts Don Merissa.

Weapons: Carries hair extends up to 5 feet and can be used as a whip to batter away enemies or a lasso to draw them near, she also can use her nails as claws, and she has the ability to use small melee weapons within her reach.

Special Abilities: Because of her genes as a Venusite she has the ability of Flash Trance which is where she can open her shirt at a group of enemies causing each of them to go into a vulnerable trance for up to 10 seconds, she also has the ability to sing the song of lust which causes multiple enemies to fight to the death in attempt to have her.


Sighign: 9’ 5’’ tall, all black eyes; no nose; no mouth; skin pigmentation is a light purplish grey almost lavender; six horns on his head two short ones in the top front, two slightly longer ones on the top back curving backwards, and two long horns on the back going down almost like hair with the same basic curve as the horns before; extremely muscular physique; only clothing on him is a pair of camouflage shorts with large pockets in the front; he has just four thick strands of hair on the sides of his head, almost appearing as dread locks; and a big scar on his back almost shaped like a large X.

Background: Sighign used to be the most dreaded warrior of the Plutation army, but he was knocked from his post as general because of his blackmailing half brother Sighen. Sighen then took his Plutation General X swords from his back for his own pride. Soon after Sighign tried to regain his post by telling the Pluto emperor, but he was not allowed into the palace. Sighign then broke in and tried to talk to the emperor, but Sighen waited in the palace to capture Sighign and claimed him to treason by attempted murder to the king. Sighign was then sentenced to death. Escaping two days before his execution he fled to Jupiter to hide in the gassy mist. Two years later he heard from some travelers that General Sighen had led all of the Plutation army to death in which he fled to Earth before the carnage. In attempt to gain revenge, Sighign traveled to Earth to find his half brother and all clues only lead him to Cross City.

Weapons: Sighign used to have two swords that were kept in the skin of his back, but his half brother Sighen took them. Now Sighign is lowered to “Human made” swords which are much weaker and less efficient than the Plutation General X swords. Sighign may also break items such as tables, pipes, and crates to make melee weapons.

Special Abilities: When Sighign’s anger meter gets high enough he becomes able to use the Bolts of the Horn which is when all of his horns point forward and shoot bolts of lightning or beams of light for a limited time. Also Sighign is able to rip off his two front horns and throw them, but they grow back as long as his mana is still in tact.

Malevolent Characters

Each of the malevolent characters are leaders of a group called The Cross, which is a large group of different kinds of people and species that are interested in a new world order where each of the Cross members will get a seat of power or nobility.

Fredric Brown

Fredric Brown: 6’ 2’’ tall; very thin; Asian decent; bald; very tight white tuxedo without tie; White sneakers; always has a cigarette or small cigar in mouth; wears frameless circular shaded glasses.

Background: Drug dealer in Cross City who has ambitions of owning the city and enslaving the inhabitants by making them addicted to his special one of a kind drug that only he has the knowledge of how to make. He has Jackson Mendel’s wife, but unknowing to Jackson she was not kidnapped, other than addicted to Fredric’s drug and is know a loyal sex slave.

Weapons: Throws his cigarettes or cigars like darts. He also has knives for cutting cocaine and other substances that can be used in melee combat.

Unique Abilities: Fredric has the ability to light and entire pack of cigarettes at the same time then inhale down the filters of each cigarette and letting all the smoke out from his pores as a toxic mist. He also can inject himself with PCP and become invulnerable for a limited time.

Merissa Venn Louse

Merissa Venn Louse: Of Uranus decent; has a demonic body; skin tone is all light red and dark purple; she has large demonic wings; regularly she wears a black suite which hides her wings, but when in battle she wears nothing (but she still has a bio skin that covers her extremities); she carries a black staff that if you look close is all made of small skulls and demon like figures.

Background: Don of the Louse family Merissa is a power hungry tyrant. She does not deal well with envy, take her husband for instance Merissa had caught him just eying at Carrie Slyde and she decided to kill her husband and have his body transported to the waste lands of Earth, but taking care of that wasn’t enough for Merissa she had to place a hit on the one person she knew of that was more attractive; although to most humans Don Merissa isn’t very attractive. She is completely unable to reason with. “There is no way to communicate with a stubborn goat” quote by Willie Nelson.

Weapons: Her staff is possessed by lost souls and Merissa is able to throw it to the floor and all the souls take over the demon like figures that make it, these demons can now throw the skulls at enemies. She also is able to grow out her nails to about a foot in length which can be used as melee weapons.

Special Abilities: Merissa is able to tare off her wings and throw them like a boomerang or used them as melee weapons. She is also able to go invisible, but her staff remains visible.


Sighen: 8’ 6’’ tall; muscular body type; skin color is the same as Caucasian male; wears black tank top; blue jeans; black boots; all black eyes; bald; no nose; has a mouth unlike his half brother Sighign; appears mostly like a very tall and broad human.

Background: Sighen’s father was from Pluto, but his mother was from Earth strange to say maybe it was his hybrid genes of two very faulty planets. The humans with greed and the Plutonians with their blood lust is not a good mix. Most of the problems with this malevolent villain are that he has always envied his half brother and has been unable to quench his thirst for self acceptance so he keeps on going trying to gain the higher end till he has enough power to have no competition. He will travel to the end of the universe to become a god if he could.

Weapons: Sighen holds his half brothers stolen Plutonian General X swords, but he is unable to hold them beneath his skin like his brother, nor can he wield them like his brother for he cannot connect souls with Plutonian medal for he is only half Plutonian. He also has horns that can come out of the palm of his hands.

Special Abilities: The horns on his hands can do many different things such as shooting like arrows and growing back, conducting electrical beams, being placed in the ground and shooting up at enemies and the Poison Sting.


When thinking of this game I figured it would be a long role playing game with a story line similar to Fable Lost chapters and the Godfather combined. You would start by building up your connections and minions then finding clues towards your characters motivation for wondering Cross City. You can go and visit the other planets in the universe if you would like to gain money, powers, minions, or vehicles. The things similar between Fable Lost Chapters and this game are that there are two kinds of quests or mission the Story Line quest and the Optional quests. I would also like the graphics to be similar to fable the lost chapter although it takes place in a very big city and other planets. You will also have a basic moral meter as there was in Fable Lost Chapters.


Money: You can gain money by robbing civilians, banks stores, or thugs. You may also gain money through gambling or extortion.

Power: Your characters posses their basic powers when you start the game, but those powers can be upgraded by special training facilities which you can find one on each planet.

Minions: Minions can be found anywhere, but depending on where you find them will change the expertise level of the minions. Civilians can be recruited, but they are basic low level minions which will die almost immediately in any fight although they in a large group can be useful to stop groups of enemies for a short time. Thugs, who are usually found in bars, casinos, and alley ways, are medium level minions; Thugs are useful in small fights or distraction to enemies. Experts can only be found in training facilities, but they will usually have a mission or favor for you to do before you can hire them and they are the most expensive and strongest of minions. All minions require a certain amount of money to work for you.

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