So, you remember the anonymous user that made the article "Creepypasta: The Fighting Game"? Probaly not, but someone on Video Game Fanon Wiki decided to steal his idea and make it to where he couldn't access it. So I have come here to take my idea back, and make it better. That being said...

"Creepypasta: Blood Bath" is an idea that I think is great. It pits some of the most iconic creepypasta characters together in a tournament for one free wish. As you can tell the story sounds weak but it was the one reason I could think of that they would be fighting. Plus, some of the stories make perfect sense as to why they would want such a thing. It is also a reference to the "Birthday" creepypasta. There is to be only 12 characters for simplicity. Remember this is only an idea. There is also another game idea similar this.


The intro explains the story and shows many images of "The Wish Giver", though he is hidden in shadows. It shows a little bit of gameplay.


As I said before, there will be only 12 characters for the sake of simplicity.

Slenderman: Slenderman is an obvious choice for this game. He is almost the mascot of creepypasta. In case you don't know, Slenderman is a faceless, pale-skinned creature who stalks his victims untill he catches them to either kill them or take them away to another dimension. He always stages his kills as a disapearence. He is very tall and has tendrils that can come out of his back to make him blend in with trees. In this game, there several generations of Slenderman. This Slenderman wants to avoid his ancestors' history, and instead be known as a nice and friendly being. Though he wishes not to kill, he still has the powers of his ancestors, and will fight when confronted. His wish is to be loved by all instead of feared.

Jeff The Killer: Jeff is a psychotic murderer who has no purpose to kill other than pureenjoyment. When he was younger Jeff was a normal kid. He moved to a new town where he was confronted by a bunch of bullies who were threatening his brother. Later at a party he was attacked by the same bullies, who burned him with wine, bleach and a lighter. When he got out of the hospital he seemed happy with his new look. At home he cut his mouth so he could never stop smiling. He murdered his family and is now on the loose. His story in the game takes place many years after his family's murderer. He seems satisfied with his current life, but knows this wont last forever. He plans to find the one giving the wish and will slaughter anyone who stands against him. While on his way out, he hears fermiliar voices in his head, but shrugs them off. His wish is to be immortal. Generic I know.

Jane The Killer: Jane has been hunting down Jeff and will stop at nothing to kill him.Whenever she kills, it is only to imagine Jeff as the victim. Upon hearing that a free wish will be granted, she wasted no time heading toward the location of the wish-giver. Her wish is to be able to not only kill Jeff, but to make him feel as much pain as possible in the process.

Ghost Black: Though this ghost may not look like much, Ghost Black is one of the mostpowerful creepypasta characters ever. As a (non-canon) pokemon, Ghost uses its one move "curse" to instantly kill its opponents. After killing several pokemon and their trainers, it finally killed the trainer that helped it. It's wish is to learn how it died so it's soul can be at rest.

Ben: Ben is a spirit that can move through all technology. Once haunting a link statue from Majora's Mask, Ben was able to escape and haunt other forms of technology. In this story, he is in his statue form, along with the happy mask salesman. He has somehow been transported to the real world. His wish is to be able to take over other things besides technology.

The Skin Taker: From the creepypasta "Candle Cove", The Skintaker will steal people's skin and stitch it into his hat. He was a character from the show Candle Cove, which may or may not exist. The show had a dark tone for a kid's show, Skintaker being one of the obvious reasons. In this story, he is still chasing after his enemies when he hears of the free wish. His wish is for Pirate Percy and the other members of the rival crew, to be his slaves forever.

Pinkamena: Pinkamena is a phsycotic murderer who tortured her best friend for the sake of making food to sell. She has killed many more in a similar way, and will not stop until the whole town is draned of life. Now here's the kicker, she's a pony. The evil version of Pinkie Pie known as Pinkamena was spawned from Cupcakes, the most infamous fanfiction in the brony community. In this story, she has killed everypony in Ponyville and is saddened because all of her friends are gone. When she hears that there will be a free wish, she is overcome with joy. Her wish is to go back and relive her friends' last moments over and over again. In a fight she uses the tools of her trade, including hacksaws, scalpels, and metal rods.

Tails Doll: Tails doll is a character in Sonic R that is basically a doll version of Sonic's sidekick Tails. It is said that the game is haunted (big surprise) and that if anyone listens to the theme of the first track in a dark bathroom, they are cursed. Once cursed, Tails Doll will appear and either: 1. Kill your friends and family. 2. Kill you. 3. Turn you into a doll. 4. Turn your family into dolls. It's wish is to become a human.

Smile Dog: A dog existing in a jpg photo. It is said that if you stare at it too long you will have nightmares of the dog until you either pass it on to someone else or commit suicide. It's wish is to be put into the minds of people all around the world and haunt their nightmares.

The Rake: The Rake is a creature that appears to be a man, but acts like an animal. Some people say they have seen him in their dreams, but have died soon after. He seems to live in the woods and has giant claws for hands. His wish is to... this is where I need help. Since I don't know much about the Rake I don't know what he'd want.

Suicide Mouse: He is an alternative version of Mickey Mouse. In this pasta he walks forever while sounds of a disturbing event can be heard in the background. The sounds seem to be that of a public suicide. In this story the mouse is suicidal, and is ready to end it until he hears of the free wish. His wish is to get the one thing he ever desired... happiness. Though he is suicidal, it does not stop him from harming his opponents.

Zalgo: Zalgo is a being that can controll others to do his bidding. It is said that he hides in the walls, waiting to take over. In this story, he is not strong enough to take controll of more than one person. His wish is to take over the world (of course!). Again, I don't know much about him, so if you could help with his story, I would appreciate it. He can take controll of his opponents while fighting.

The Wish Giver: He is the final boss (and, main antagonist) of the game. He promised a free wish to a seemingly random group of monsters and killers. He knew they would fight over it, and has used this to create blood sport for his own entertainment.


The Woods (Slenderman)

The Lab (Russian Sleep Experiment)

Torture Room (Cupcakes)

The Laughingstock (Candle Cove)

Undead Hyrule (Legend of Zelda. Athough its obviously not from the actual games.)

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