Contracts A Game For Xbox 360, PS3 Copyright 2011 Kevin He

The game Contracts is a stealth action game. It takes place in the year 2012, you play as a player made assassin and you choose what hits and decisions to make.

As stated before Contracts is a third person stealth action game. Players will create their own assassin players can also choose from a wide variety of weapons, now what sets these weapons from others like in MW2 is that they will have realistic reload animations, realistic bullet drop, and things like wind will affect the range and where the bullet will hit. Now what really makes this game really unique is just how life like and open it is. Players will face sheer numbers of obstacles like guards, alarm systems, and even other assassins. But players can also do an immense variety of unique actions such as wearing disguises, hacking, bribing, place hidden microphones (or other taps and bugs), hide weapons in unusual places (like the toilet), and hijack vehicles...ect. The game will feature numerous exotic locations and completely destructible environments. Not only that but the game will force the player to make tough decisions in which neither choice is completely good or bad.

History In this game, you are an assassin (it is never revealed what your name is), but your partner Sarah, your boss Arcadias Nematode, and the other members of the organization (called the Order) simply call you "a specialist." You work in one of the most disturbing fields known to humankind-- being a killer. It's your job to eliminate specific targets. Of course, your unique services aren't cheap, but most are willing to pay the high price. You have an amazing ability to blend in and a dark personality, and you know how to use just about any piece of the environment to get the job done. It's not just killing the right people though, politics are complicated and assassinating someone just for the money isn't always the best idea.

Premise: The year is 2012, and it's not a pretty one. The entire world seems to be on the edge of ww3 and on top of that corrupt organizations are paying top dollar for assassins now more than ever. Organizations like the IBBC (International Bureaucratic Bank Corporation) are hiring assassins to protect their assets. While others seem to be hiring them to get assets. That’s where you come in. Your one of many assassins hired to do what you do best, kill.

My main source of inspiration for the game Contracts is yes, splinter cell games (not really Conviction, I'll get there later) and the Tom Clancy book Without Remorse. Hopefully some people on here have read it. I don't mean the killing drug dealers part but the overall "feel" of John Clark and what he does. Preparing a plan, observe, accomplish task (kill, get info etc...)

So for the game, I think it would be interesting to have this "modern/improvising" stealth. But it's also light and shadow stealth (L&S). When I say improvising, I don't mean, SC 2007 hobo Sam. But it would be interesting to have your character using improvised gadgets, possibly weapons etc...

Your character’s really not w/any government, get rid of that and so you'll need to improvise gadgets etc...

Part of what I didn't like about Conviction is they (the developers) said that Sam wasn't with any gov. agency any more, "he's his own man now" but yet Grim was still giving orders to him all the time.

So I'm thinking of this... Let's say the player needs to get information from a guy and he's going to have a meeting. You could have a mission where you must ghost to get into position, plant mics or cameras or whatever and get out all without being detected. Also, it wouldn't be like in SCDA where the game basically tells you to plant the bug here. You, the player, would have to investigate the area, decide where the meeting might take place (like maybe a meeting room ) and plant mics WITHOUT game assistance. You have to decide.

'Update:'1-21-11 (numbered to make it easier) 1.Let's say you needs to infiltrate a building of some sort. You could include levels like having your assassin’s equipment placed in a secure warehouse and you can only use stealth and CQC to go through the level.

2.Repetition of levels: Not really in the SC books but that's what made me think of it. Say you needs to sneak in and out (ghost) and your objectives are to hack security cameras mess w/surveillance equipment etc... wo/being detected. Later you use information you gather to go in and eliminate an important target or perform some other objective.

3. Modern locations: balanced levels so you're not always just sneaking into some building or base but include levels that typically define modern spy/assassin. (That's assassin not Assassin ) Now to be clear, I can and most likely will draw inspiration from non stealth but assassin like movies, books, games etc... Meaning i don't know, like Jason Bourne. Not the same type of thing, Contracts should no MUST be stealth! But the locations and environments you see Bourne, Bauer, Bond, John Clark, etc... could be utilized. Not just have the player in the dark somewhere. This also presents opportunities for social stealth (SS) (which should be used for a few levels, even if it's only with a simple detection meter similar to Assassin’s creed: Brotherhood)

4.Similar to above but the player could/should be performing investigations into his targets in daylight/social stealth environments. Using laser mics to hear phone conversations, planting bugs (mics, not grasshoppers ) under a table or in a phone booth, perhaps using cameras to overhear conversations (like the Lincoln memorial level in Conviction but kind of different)

Last little bit: If the player is going to be a modern/improvising spy, I think it would still be useful to have projected texts. (but no emotions projected!)

Also, I don't see any reason to eliminate or dumb down the ruthlessness of the player. Just lessen it significantly. If you need to take out bad guys you should be able to, no problem. But not every bad guy. If you are to keep the ruthlessness/killings, make it an event few and far between. A moment that you can OCCASIONALLY be like "OH MY GOSH! MY CHARACTER’S BEAST!!!"

That's the problem of conviction , when you go from level to level popping off perfect headshots wo/trying, just nailing B then RB then Y, that gets boring. But periodically if you want to take out guys, you should be able to. By lessening the number of "awesome" moments you make them more "awesome" when they happen.

This probably already makes sense but in Conviction it's like if you use M&E every chance you get, the feeling of it being cool or awesome is gone. It's just a tool, it's useful, not awesome or awe-inspiring.

'UPDATE:'2-10-11 Alright, here's some more updates.

MISSION LEVELS: For Contracts there will be varied locations. I want to see pure stealth levels in isolated areas as well as (perhaps optional) areas with social stealth. EXAMPLE: This is just one level I think would be interesting. The player needs to get from one level to another, say across the country. The level could be a MASSIVE airport where you have to choose what to do. You could have options such as... A:At the location you're going to, you have a contact who can supply you with weapons, gadgets when you go to the airport level you don't need to carry a gun. B:At the location you're going to, you DONT have a its up to you whether or not to try to bring your weapons/gadgets through airport security C:You could buy a ticket to board the plane or try to sneak your way one (luggage compartment similar to 3E infiltration anyone )


The main point with levels like this is that I would want these options to be available, however I don't want to have the game tell me what my options are. I want to think through and decide what my plan of action should be, not have the game say you can do A,B or C. Same as above when I talk about sneaking to a level to plant bugs: don't tell the player where to plant them, leave it up to us. I want to feel like I'm the assassin, I know what I'm doing and how to do it.

There will be intelligence gathering in public areas. Say you need to hear a conversation someone's having. Again, have options. For this example, the target could be in a cafe or something. A:Go to the cafe and sit nearby to overhear. B:Go somewhere out of the way of the public and use a laser mic. C:Pay someone there to listen it. (Don't include a money system like AC but you could have this be an option still.) D:Plant a bug at the table where you think he might sit. Previous levels you could trail him to find where he likes to sit at, or maybe infiltrate his house/hideout and see if he's got reservations at someplace.

Again, DON'T tell us what we can do, let us come up with something and try it.

Which brings me to another point. Levels don't have to be in depth finding intelligence that is groundbreaking but what you would think would be something more normal. Where someone's going to be (reservations), trips they're taking (tickets), who they're talking to (tap phone lines, hack computer on site). These can all be small bits of information that will help you later on. You shouldn't have to do something you don't want to. At least to some extent. Meaning the game shouldn't make you do a level to find (in the example above w/conversation at cafe) where the guy is going to sit at; it would be up to you. If you don't want to and you just want to go to the cafe and wing it, you should be able to.

'UPDATED '2-17-11

(Updates of each numbered topic will be lettered)

1.The use of discovering and using contacts.

a. We can infer that over the years that your character has been in places that would certainly have contacts. The use of contacts could involve things like: General intelligence given to the player (think Vic explaining White Box but more frequently and up to the player whether or not to use contacts for this) Infiltration and extraction methods (give the player options to how they what to insert and extract. If the area is dangerous you could have helicopter extraction, or you could get picked up in a van or what ever else the level and how it is designed would allow) Weapons/gadgets purchased (pretty straightforward)

You could also include depth to the story by saying that an organization buys out a contact and they feed you bad Intel. You have to make decisions and decide.

2.Overhaul hand to hand combat both armed and unarmed.

a.I would just say have a lot of moves, and have the enemies be more likely to counter attack. It also wouldn't hurt to be able to have or choose what melee style you use.

3. Include real functionality with projected texts.

4. Use projected text with environmental interaction and CQC.

a.Ok, here's how this would work. Let's say that the player gets into a hand to hand fight, a big one, a bunch of guys or whatever. Say it's in a public place like some back alley or something. (It helps to visualize this! ) You could have a function where say you're standing near a dumpster or something since you're outside. When the enemy starts his melee move you could press a button to block or dodge his move but then on the dumpster there would be a projected text of a button. The button that appears would be random, it could in fact be a direction for the analog stick, but it would be quickly flashed onto the object. If you press the corresponding button in time you would use that object (that had the projected text upon it) and use that to smash a guard's face into or whatever else. This functionality could then be used for any object in the game, if you were only engaged in melee fighting. Also, if you were close enough to multiple objects (say in an office) perhaps the button A would project onto a desk, AND the button X would project onto a nearby door. You can choose what objects to interact with this way. The purpose is to make it more fun than simply walking a guard over to an object and pressing B (like in conviction). That got kind of lame.

Also, not only could this be implemented for unarmed combat but a similar feature could be used in High profile interrogations (see below). For this feature to be used in interrogations, the projected text of the button wouldn't have to be flashed onscreen but could stay there as you decide what object to use. This would also mean we would need more that 3 object to interact with though...

5. The ability to interrogate all guards.

a.That's self explanatory.

6. Include a high/low profile interrogation method. Low-profile interrogation, knife to throat, High-profile like Conviction but improved.

a.Say you have been tracking a target. He looks important, (maybe walks differently, more pronounced, looks like an officer, whatever). You would have two options for interrogation, high or low profile. If you are going to do a high profile interrogation, you would be best off to clear the surrounding area first. High profile interrogations would make a lot of noise. You could use something (as described above) for object interaction rather than the boring press B w/back to object in Conviction. Make it more exciting. The general use of the high profile interrogations would be the same as conviction but include more objects to interact with and the use of projected text (again, explained above).

Low profile interrogation would be nice and quiet. you sneak up behind someone and use your knife to the throat to make them talk. However, you could also have times when if you use a low profile interrogation on a guard and he claims that he knows nothing, you would need to decide if he does or not. If you think he does, and the knife isn't threatening enough, you could switch to high profile and start smashing his face into random objects.


I suggest including both dynamic and static AI into levels. For instance the majority of the guards in an area would be dynamic. But in certain locations such as security/camera control rooms, generator rooms, or a variety of other locations, these guards would be static. When interrogated they would drop hints about what might be ahead etc..

Another interesting idea would be that you really need to analyze the guards especially in high profile interrogations. For instance if a guard is the typical solider guy, crew cut, spits in your face (think the guy at Michigan Area) when interrogated they'll give you perhaps bad intel. But on the other hand if your interrogating an officer he'll be more likely to think only of himself and will tell you information that's probably truthful. Or if your just interrogating a guard and he's sweating profusely, knees shaking, crapping himself, he'll tell you everything.

Now receiving bad intell could play out in certain ways. The tough guy might say something like "yeah well my men got the door up ahead rigged with C4. You go through there, your dead!" As a player you can make decisions. First: Is he telling the truth? Second: What if the door is rigged? Third: Can I do something to see? Now without the game having a box pop up and say this, you just gotta think (once again: GIVE US OPTIONS BUT DON'T TELL US WHAT THEY ARE! IT MAKES US FEEL LIKE WE'RE THE AGENT, WE'VE GOT THE IDEAS) perhaps you take the guard and you run him through the door. If it explodes, well he was telling the truth, if it doesn't he's on the floor, pulls out his gun and starts shooting you. It wouldn't be a glitch it would be bad intel and you would have to decide.

Let's go to another example say in co-op. You're on the top floor of say a twenty story building interrogating a target. Your teammate is on the first floor say in a generator room. Scenario one: You interrogate the guard in high profile. You threaten him similar to Kobin by sticking him out the window but of a twenty story building. And let's say by freak chance, you push the guard out to far and he falls, falls, falls, to his death (sorry: thinking of pulling the guy out of the laundry room in SCDA Shanghai ) Anyway, he falls to his death and a guard either hears his body fall or discovers it etc... and so an alert goes out. The guards now are swarming the room you were just interrogating the guy in. It draws guards away from your co-op teammate who's downstairs and maybe needed some help. Scenario two: Same thing but interrogation in low profile. The guy doesn't wanna talk and takes the knife and runs himself into it killing him. No one knows though so guards don't come up to you and now your not helping your teammate. Whether or not he needed help doesn't really matter it's just an example.


7. Include levels of counter-surveillance.

a.These would be daylight missions where you could be trying to gain intel on someone and you realize you're being followed. you would need to loose them. Also, there would be the potential for another chase sequence if that happened. This just came to me.

You are being followed and rather than try to loose the tail, you decide to run. (Give the player options like I've said before) As you're running away, the different objects that you could flip over (tables, chairs) and other things to interact with (slide over a car Conviction style) could have a projected text with a button on it. While you're running you could press the corresponding projected button the make pursuit more difficult.

8. Include more options for weapon customizing and more weapons. (not so much assault rifles and shotguns but handguns and perhaps SMGs)

a.I personally wasn't a big fan of using assault rifles and shotguns, not that you wouldn't be it just seems more fitting w/handguns and small, compact SMGs.

9. Environmental/cover takedowns-think last level of Conviction w/Reed and Sam grabs his gun.

a.This could be implemented in daytime (social stealth) levels. you could decide not to bring a weapon along if you think it would draw too much attention. If an enemy pulls a gun, you could disarm him and shoot him.

10. Mark and Execute COMPLETE OVERHAUL!! (ideas for both CQC use only as well as gun usage)

a.MARK AND EXECUTE OVERHAUL:w/gun The way I envision mark and execute is similar to an OLD PS2 game. 24: the game Now when you see 24 people are like NO!!! you suck or whatever. But please let me explain. There is a feature in the game which is really just how you aim/target in the game. When you aim and there are enemies within range, little arrows (in the direction of the enemy from you) are displayed outside of the target reticule. If you quickly move the right analog stick in that direction twice, you snap to that target. How this would be implemented for M&E... basically the same. you could still have the be rewarded for hand to hand kills (maybe just one mark for one kill, haven't thought of that yet) and even include the Y button to execute. However when you press Y you'll have little arrows on the outside of you're reticule. You decide which enemies to engage in what order and you would fire the weapon when you want. Also, at long ranges you wouldn't get headshots, even at close range it should be rare. When you double tap the analog stick to snap to the target, you have to decide how many times you need to shoot that target for them to go down.

UPDATE 8-5-11:

b.MARK AND EXECUTE OVERHAUL wo/weapons Since all of my complaints deal with the use of the weapon, why not just remove the weapon completely. You could still mark targets and you could wait for them to gather up close together, talking or whatever. When you execute, you could take out the guys with just hand to hand moves. (Think the Jason bourne scene at the train station, protecting that reporter in that little hallway.) Now if people don't like this idea, think about this. It's really not that different than having Sam fisher pull off perfect headshots except hand to hand could be somewhat more believable.

11. PMC options-generic custom adjustments, functionality for using guard outfit once or twice...

a.I wouldn't say that you should be able to do this on every level but once or twice wouldn't hurt. Even Assassin’s creed 2 and Assassin’s creed brotherhood had levels like this.

12. (Just to be funny)-Contracts needs a ship level. Every game has one except Conviction. I wonder why...

a.Not only a ship, we need a plane level. Anyone thinking like the beginning of Rainbow Six book?

'UPDATE: '3-14-11

1. Include computer hacking-both on-site, and off-site. Off-site would include in depth mini game.

2. Minigame for forging documents or ID. Towards the top I explained an idea for going through an airport. Another option is this.

Go to the airport, find uniform or whatever and steal them. Find a guard and take pictures, (yes, include a camera for observation and recon) of his ID badge or whatever. When you are ready to go through the airport level, you include another level where you make sure that guard (whose identity you'll use) doesn't show up to work.

WEAPONS LIST (please add ideas for these, i'm not the best w/weapons)


FN 5-7 MK 23 Desert Eagle USP 40 Glock 18 Glock 1911 Browning 9 mm P229 M1911A1 Custom MP-443 Grach H&K USP .45 Tactical Beretta 92FS



Sniper rifles:



GADGETS -lock pick -camera jammer -optic cable -door lock charge -door breaching charge -sticky camera -sticky shocker -ring airfoil round -motion sensor (use if hacking PC, or high profile interrogation to warn if guard is coming)

LEVELS (yeah, kinda generic and not much detail but what i'm getting to is a wide variety, not all in US)

-airport -some third world country (Kinshasa like level) -Russia -train -ship -warehouse -harbor/dock -Area 51 -Random army base (assassinate general) -New York -Israel

UPDATE: 3-19-11 1. Skills training

Skills training would be a part of the game where basically you improve combat skills and M&E skills. When you first start the game, your character would know melee moves, however the enemies would be able to resist the moves, push back, or even put you in a chokehold. If you go through training, you would unlock (learn) new moves, new animations, more brutal moves, and once you max out training you can't be blocked.

With M&E training you would be able to pivot faster to track targets and your aiming reticule could be sharper/faster. The training should be interactive though. you shouldn't just go to some menu and move sliders around to balance your skills. We actually perform the training to improve.

2 Interrogations- off site I got an idea. Say in a level your objective is to capture some high ranking officer. After you capture them you have to decide how you want to extract. Again, give us options but don't tell us what they are. Let us figure it out. It makes us feel like we're the super agent if we decide what are options are and what we do. You could decide if your extraction point was far away to knock out the target and carry the body with you. Or if it was nearby you could human shield walk him to the extraction.

When you capture a target of high importance you bring him to a hideout (basically a building owned by who ever contracted you). He's in a chair, bound, and you interrogate him. You could slam his face into a table or something, but let's go farther. You could have different "tools" of interrogation. You choose a limb and rotate one or both of the analog sticks to twist that limb. If you go to fast or too far, the limb breaks, (possibly killing them) and you get no intelligence. I say have something like this, but it would work better (I think) if it was off site.

For the tools, you could choose from different things like butcher knives, scalpels, scissors, cigar cutters (uh huh, like Jack Bauer ) or whatever else. You choose how or where you want to cut, stab, slice or whatever. now, don't make it super graphic or anything but you can be brutal. You could have something like where basically you select/equip whatever weapon/tool and you use it for interrogation. Pull the LT and it's a stab, pull RT and it's a slice, move the analog stick and you get a cut or whatever else. Think of the buttons as modifiers.

3. Continuation of melee overhaul As stated above use buttons as modifiers during melee combat. Example: you could still have lets say B as the initiate melee move, after you press it and before the animation is complete you have options. (These options are available during the combat animation)

-(pressing B default is a lethal attack) -LT-makes the move non-lethal -RT-makes the move more brutal -if LT AND RT is pulled you get brutally rough non-lethal attack -if just RT is pulled you get move brutal lethal attack -Y-involve some type of head butt move -A-throw to the ground (non-lethal, not even knock out, just stunned/winded)

4. Chokeholds If an enemy gets to close, they should put us in a chokehold. Flash a projected text on screen at random and Sam would throw the guy off of him. If would need to be fast though, similar to the timing required in Assassin’s creed to perform counter kills. Note: Going into training would reduce the likelyhood of that happening, and could/would increase the amount of time given to the player to be able to press a button to get the guy off. Example: no training= 1.5 seconds, with training=2.5 seconds (just example time, that still probably too much)

5. If we are going to infiltrate a building, we need to be able to self infiltrate. Meaning we choose when we start a mission. Example: you need to break into a bank. If we want to search around and perhaps find a main power supply to disrupt or something first, (before we infiltrate) we should be able to.

6. Levels are big If a level (think Kobin's mansion) starts with us on the streets or leaving a hideout, we should be able to duck into small shops and use social stealth (both on the streets and in the shops) to loose pursuers. Also, levels should be designed so that we have multiple ways of infiltrating an area. If we prepare, do investigations beforehand, we'll be at an advantage (know how/when/where to infiltrate/exfiltrate)

7. Award the player for performing investigations If we take time to perform social stealth levels to find extra intell about upcoming levels, it should actually feel like it was worth our time. However it should also be balance to the point that if we just want to go the mission and improvise the whole thing, we should be able to as well.

8. (this ties in w/#6) When performing investigations we should be able to note guard patrol routes, poorly guarded areas, best ways of getting in and out of the area etc... Example: (think a mission like Kobin's mansion again) We investigate (entire levels of just performing investigations) and find where the guards patrol, if they are likely to respond to car alarms or if they ignore them, find out that a delivery section (not in kobin's level just making something up) is poorly guarded. So when we actually go forward to perform the mission, we choose to go in through the delivery section rather than say over a wall or something. NOTE: The investigation levels can be L&S stealth and rely on COMPLETE GHOSTING, (if we are seen, mission over, they know your investigating), social stealth (daytime levels, public building investigations) or both. If you are spotted using L&S gameplay, you use crowds of people and duck into shops or back alleys to loose pursuers. The gameplay should switch seamlessly from L&S to Social Stealth and back and forth. (I'll be working on how this could be done)

If you duck into an alley or even a shop, you could then confront your tail and fight them (see the unarmed combat w/projected texts above) or you could run (see projected texts during pursuits above).

'UPDATE: '4-19-11

With this update i would like to address enemy archetypes. This was severely underplayed in conviction and I'm going to take a stab at it now.

A. Street thugs -this enemy appears in social stealth environments -may be more common in run-down areas TACTICS: -shouts curses, charges into battle, doesn't really think WEAPONS: some unarmed, some w/handguns, no weapons training INTEL: observe demeanor

B.Hired Mercs (low class) -in both L&S and SS environments (two variations) -next in progression of more difficult enemies TACTICS: thinks somewhat about what to do, still makes stupid mistakes, shouts somewhat but is usually more reserved WEAPONS: handguns, SMGs, some weapons training INTEL: observe demeanor

C.Hired Mercs (high class) -appear in L&S and SS -some are ex-soldiers TACTICS: think about tactical situations, respond like normal soldiers (flank, suppress etc...), shouts orders during combat WEAPONS: assault rifles, grenades, SMGs, good weapons training INTEL: what they give you may or may not be truthful

D.Officers -appear mostly in L&S levels though may be in SS levels if off-duty -walk more profoundly -have intell= need interrogated TACTICS: not really involved in combat so this is N/A, talk to other enemies WEAPONS: handguns, good weapons training INTEL: care only about themselves and will usually give truthful intel

E.Agents -appear in L&S and SS -will resist melee moves unless you are fully trained TACTICS: fast cover chaining, moves rapidly, think how the SCs in Conviction where more assault geared, it's kinda like that, no yelling tactics, they're good enough to know what to do WEAPONS: whatever is in the game should be in here, extensive weapons training INTEL: lies

F.Splinter Cells -appear in L&S levels -resist melee moves unless fully trained TACTICS: stay in shadows, come from behind you and grab you (have to break out w/quick button press), no yelling, no noise, these are SCs like Sam was in games 1-3 WEAPONS: Assault rifles and SMG INTEL: unknown - it depends

t. For L&S missions you will have the light meter and sound meter

For social stealth mission since you aren't really hidden just incognito you could have Sam appear in gray. For the environment, places that attract a lot of attention (like a kid screaming in a park) those areas could be either brighter or have a higher contrast, or more vivid colors. However, the whole game would still be in color it's just that those specific areas would be more noticeable.

'UPDATE: '5-20-11

Anyway w/Contacts the levels need to be sandbox. We need to have different ways of infiltrating and exfiltrating from an area. But we need to have scouting missions as well. These "scouting" missions could take place w/SS or LS stealth. The point being is that you would know for instance what building you need to search in for your objective and it's general area. With these "scouting" missions you would set off and discover things like possible points of infil/exfil depending on your play style or what you think would be cooler. For instance: let's think of the classic SCCT map the bank. you already start the mission inside of the bank walls. If a level like that were in Contracts, w/these "scouting" missions you could find out that you could 1.climb over the wall, 2. find a tunnel entrance (like a water line or something) 3. find a less guarded area (come around from the back) etc... These missions would encourage you to explore your environment before actually moving in. This would give a feeling of tactical superiority which is a great thing. If you get into a gunfight, you don't have time to look at a map, you remember from the scouting missions that "hey, there's an alley that goes around here."

Sandbox environments also open up possible new gameplay measures. In a big city like NY looking for clues about a mafia connection w/ CIA? Fine. What can you do? Follow some guy with a taxi, if he discovers you, you got to decide what to do. Or what about simple things you could do in a city or even just a small town. For social stealth you could buy accessories to help you blend in: jackets, hats, hoodies, sport coats, sunglasses, newspapers, ect... You could approach Sam's appearance in two different ways.

1.Go into a store, find something you like and Sam reaches out and takes it and automatically uses/wears it 2.Once you go into a store, you could simply access a menu to change your appearance.

Of course option 1 sounds better but for simplicity you could go with the second. I feel it's important to note as well that these accessories wouldn't be like disguises or anything like that, it would just help you look (ideally from a gameplay perspective: help) the part. If your in a higher class environment your not going to look like a bum. That would draw more attention to you from a SS perspective. Sandbox environments and having shops and such could also allow you to have a greater chance of making and employing improvised gadgets, I'll just leave it at that.

For LS missions and/or game play, sandbox environments would allow you to find safe place or hideouts you could use. If the police or some other enemies(S) are after you, you could find places to hide. The best way I can describe the uses of these safehouses is that they would all be nearly identical in function. They might not serve as much of a purpose for exploring new gameplay concepts in a L&S manner so I'll move on.

'UPDATED: '7-28-11

Multiplayer should be a critical component of any game. Single player story is very important and of course it's the main draw. In splinter cell conviction I liked the fact that the story was a prequel. Not that multiplayer would have to be I just like the idea. Now as far as ideas go I'm thinking back to the 2007 ideas kind of. And also DON'T FLIP OUT - Army of Two. (I've never played it so be hatin'!) Players should have their own set of objectives. Some are mission require objectives, others are just to support the other player. Here's where my idea of giving the player options but not telling us what those options are could come into play. Player needs to infiltrate building. You could just sneak or shoot (i suppose) your way in. But say there cameras and such. Without having some projection or notification pop up the other player might look around for a generator or power supply. If he was playing a stealth role he could disable it with his knife. If his playing action he could blow it up. The explosion would draw enemies away to investigate leaving less enemies for the other player to encounter. All of this should be done with the player just thinking through his options. No game objective pop up saying "hey do this so other player can do this". If you want to do it fine. It'll help, if not, you can find another way in. Take the same scenario. If the other player was playing action he could blow an entrance hole in the building for the stealth player. Not that that is the best idea what I'm getting at is having multiple ways of helping your co-op partner but not necessarily directly.

'UPDATE: '8-1-11 Ok I'm still thinking about muliplayer but this time it will deal with the competitive side. Usually when you are going to do online multiplayer you want something competitive, something to prove between you and your friend who's better. So I'll throw in my two cents.



Mode: Ghost Description: Two players start on one side of a map. They must work to get to the other side without being detected. Guards investigating noises, switched on/off lights, etc... cost you minor points. Guards detecting you cost major points. The winner is who has the most points once reaching the other side. Notes: Would encourage ghosting, memorize guard routes and timings, not leaving a trace Co-op capable: No

Mode: Contract fulfillment

Description: 2-8 players try to be the first to kill another player designated as the target. Who ever kills the target then becomes the new target.

Notes: Players can do whatever it takes to kill the target from wearing disguises to killing the competition.

Co-op capable: yes

Mode: Guards vs. Assassins

Description: a 2 on 2 match with 2 players being guards whose job is to eliminate assassins.

Notes: Assassins are able to use the environment much more than guards

Co-op capable: yes

- Change gun position from right hand to left hand

- You can look around corners

- Cover take downs

- You can slide into cover


- Walking and crouching is completely variable speed, climbing pips and moving along ledges should be slow to remain realistic

- Have the cover system add Very variable speed into cover, Variable peek from cover with\without weapon , the ability to stand up while taking cover, and being able to switch cover using S.W.A.T turn

- No infinite ammo, no health regeneration

- Costume selection for the single player after we unlock, so we can be able to go through it with different skins


- Realistic game, no regenerating health, but health packs, and no health bar but it should be like that, you get hit the screen goes red (like conviction), and your cloth tears apart and you bleed, now after he survive whatever situation he is in, the bleeding doesn't stop so he has to find a health pack which only stop the bleeding but doesn't heal him, we can know how healthy/hurt he is but a background sound of his heart beating, the more increasing beats the more it means he is near death, and like that, the health packs should be in specific places not with random guards.


- Mark & Execute Development :

A strategic tool, to dispatch few enemies fast and efficient, clear some vast rooms when combined with certain elements, a way out of death situations

- Make it a strategic tool, if I use it while I am visible to enemy, may be he will shoot me before I can shoot him and I will die

-The ability to mark lights so that I can create darkness and then take out my enemy silently

- The 3 shoot execute, you turn 180 degree around yourself and you shot an enemy you are not sure he is still in his position, so you aim while shooting, 3 shots perfect aim and he is dead

- Add special mark able gadgets, meaning we have 2 mark able gadgets flash grenade & EMP grenade, once we choose them they will be automatically marked, and then we can mark for example another 2 guys, so we throw the flash grenade and execute, the grenade should be the first to be hit, so the grenade explode blinds everyone and the other 2 guys drop dead (already executed) and I am back to cover

- When under fire make it impossible to M&E.

- It won't make sense to see my target moving behind a wall just because I marked him, make us be able to mark only when we can see the target, and if he leaves the sight the mark he becomes unmarked, that will make the game become more tactic, prepare by observing the patrols of your targets, mark them silently & execute super fast and efficient then vanish without a trace

- we can also use some different looking shooting, it will keep it fresh, the stretched arm execute and the chest execute.

- You don’t the ability to execute from ledges and pipes, that way M&E will be something to think about before using it, yet the ability to mark from ledges and pipes as long as the targets are in may sight of course, and the ability to execute through a window


- We will use the updated unreal 3 engine, something to push game to the very limits, and make a new standard for graphics, it should be just amazing, the character should even have facial expression.


- When shooting an enemy and if we removed the body or hide it, it always should have blood trail which guards would investigate, and start searching for the missing one, and even when shot or wounded should bleed and leave a trail

- For the game you should be able to customize what your character looks like. Make it male/female, black/white/Asian/Hispanic, facial hair, etc.

- if you step in a muddy area, you should leave muddy footprints. if its currently raining though the footprints should disappear after awhile. in mud you leave indented footprints and once off of mud again you leave muddy footprints on ground. in snow you leave footprints unless it is currently snowing in which case they disappear after awhile as they get covered with new snow. when its raining you should be able to slip when climbing walls and pipes and things. you then press the designated "catch" button. lets say the catch button is LB. whenever you slip you have to be sure to press LB to catch and balance yourself. no need for "press the random button that flashes on the screen!"


- In terms of story and it have to be realistic, we can have a story like this : " your employer is a group of powerful Israeli extremistswho wish to see a change in the worlds policy towards the middle east (particularly Gaza,Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories) and their position ,so they attempt to bribe or convince members of other governments of their plan to bring them to their side by first using politicians and businessmen loyal to handle to political side of the grand plan and Military and Intelligence people to carry out the tasks, and because of the time line of the game I think that the middle east problems with Israel won't be fixed in the near 25 years at least, and Israel is always being supported by the U.S.A no matter what massacre they do (little influence on USA government ?!) this is still a work in progress.

- Hand to hand combat should improve a little bit, to keep it variable. 1- the enemy is not alerted (his weapon isn't equipped) then a lethal take down will kill him, or non lethal take down will knock him out. 2- the enemy is alerted and investigating the place (his weapon is equipped) lethal take down or non lethal take down will start by fast disarming the enemy then killing or knock him out and the grabbing character as shield.


- Have the ability to wake up unconscious guards

- Here is the thing, I like the idea of the guard resisting being used as a human shield.


- In double agent Sam could hide into closets, desks, under tracks etc..., I think this feature should be in Contracts, it will make it more stealthy and also it will be a good way to avoid engagments with enemies, for example if the player is into a building in order to find some information about his target and go to the office that is the computer he wants to hack, but then he hears some guards coming and then he can do 3 things kill them, jump out of the window or hide under the desk, it is all about choices, more choices mean more ways to accomplish something, and it is somewhat realistic

- Now during some takedowns the guard will scream while standing two feet from another guard and nothing happens, when you grab a guard, they typically don't scream but if they do it should alert the other guards around you.

It could be like this : 1. If you destroy the camera and guard see what you did, then he will call back up or be more careful in case of the attack. 2. If you go into control room and turn of the camera, the guard will call someone and ask what is wrong with the camera. 3. If you go into control room, kill/knock out the guard in the room, and that camera later spot you, the alarm shouldn’t start because there is no guy who can see you on the camera and sound the alarm.

- Game Modes :

--> Hunter - same as SCC. You have to kill a number of enemies in a specific area before proceeding, However the amount of enemies as well as their random placing increases in difficulty based on your setting

--> Infiltration - retrieve files from a computer/interrogate a specific enemy/etc, and then reach extraction, you do not have to kill everyone but you can if you desire, the point is to beat it with no alerts, On Easy you have 4 Alarms that you can sound before reverting to your last checkpoint, Normal you have 3, Hard also has 3 but also has more lasers and things.

--> Last Stand - the game starts with an alarm going off in a specific area of the map and waves of enemies that come in to kill the intruder. You do not have to protect anything other than yourself (or you and your teammate if co-op), Waves start off easy but progressively use smarter tactics, more enemies, better equipment until at the end they have all the equipment you have including night/thermal vision goggles.

--> Assassin vs. Assassin -You can play as a single assassin against another or as a team of two against another team of two. If you are a "ghost's shadow" while hiding no enemy will be able to see you however your teammate can.

--> Package - you have to "escort" an NPC through a mission where at times he is stopped by a group of 2-3 and then eventually attacked and killed unless they are killed by you first. However all other enemies previously passed (or any in the area) will be alerted and come to kill him (and you if caught) unless you stealthily take them out before the NPC is stopped in the first place.

--> Assassination - where you have to kill a V.I.P. who is protected by enemies, who can’t be marked and who is very well hidden, You could have to search for him through the whole level (not split up in zones) take him out and have to escape from the level, If you are not detected by the V.I.P. then they are just moseying around with a small posse, but if u get detected many more enemies surround him. He might also try to escape to the end of the level and you have to catch him

Intel Gathering - you have to reach somewhere stealthy and listen to a V.I.P conversation, and then escape without getting detected, and to make it different than Infiltration it should have only one gun while the level would be full of enemies at their alert state, searching every where, keeping an eye for any intruder, yet they don't know you are there


- AI Reaction Ideas :

a)Base Stage - the alert level that they start out on, generally it is the Unaware Stage, but near the end the enemies may be more alerted. Unaware Stage - this stage is where enemies have no idea that there is anything wrong with where they’re at and so go about their basic patrols or habits.

b) Suspicious Stage - they saw you for a split second in partial shadows or your foot in the light for a split second, or maybe they saw that your disguise was off, or maybe they saw you doing something suspiciously. They go and investigate for a few seconds and if they can’t find anything they go back to the Unaware Stage. If you get them into what would normally be the Suspicious Stage again, it will instead turn into the Scared Stage.

c)Scared stage - they saw you for a little bit longer, or they saw you in an unauthorized area and investigate by themselves but if they cant find anything they go back to their normal routine albeit more jumpy.

d)Aware Stage - is just the term given to the stage of whenever they investigate something out of place. There are several different variations of Aware Stages in the other stages ranging from a quick peek to a full scale hunt for you for a minute or two.

e)Alert Stage - this is the stage of when they know there is an intruder and actively search to find you and do not stop until they do or you take them out. If the guards reach this stage it usually means they will also run to sound the alarm however some areas may not have any alarms (like a camp in a forest).

f) When you hide, they will throw a frag grenade or some other grenade where you hide with 100% accuracy and come closer or shoot as soon as you come out of cover.

g)IF you don’t press the take down button on time (they notice you), the AI should use their rifle to smash you and when you get far enough, they start to shooting at you. When AI is much tougher they should use their knife to defend and then kill you.

h)When you grab a guy and use him as a body armor, It will be useful if AI can defend. I think it would be much better if you are worried when you hold a guy. Normally if you don't point a pistol into AIs head or hold his head in a break stand, he will try to free himself, because you can't kill him when you are busy shooting others. So If you are aiming with your pistol for 15 seconds he will try to resist. On each difficulty is shorter: Easy 15 sec Normal10 sec Hard 7 sec

i)"Force" I think it would be good if you can also force AI to do something. When AI is afraid to die you can tell him to do some things like: 1. Force him open the door (locked, keypad locked, retinal scanner locked, fingerprint locked, voice scanner locked - door) 2. When they spot you and you grab a AI, you can force him to tell the others that you vanished or that someone already killed you

UPDATE #10 :

- Free save system would be good, to be able to save anywhere, load from where I want

UPDATE #12 :

a) Add camuflages: Arctic Desert Digital Night Woodland which we can choose according to what map we are playing

1)HEAD: - add various forms of hats (to look better), add helmets (for bigger armor) - add various forms of Special masks -with which only the eyes can see- (to look better), camuflage on face (to look better) - add various forms of goggles (to look better)

2)ARMS: - add various forms of protection for the shoulders (for bigger armor) - add various forms of protection for the elbows (for bigger armor) - add a various forms of watch (to look better) - add a various forms of gloves (to look better)

3)BODY: - add various forms of armor - add a various forms of bag on the back (for ammo or gadgets) - add a pockets over armor – like in the previous SC's – (for ammo or gadgets) - add various forms of shirts (to look better)

4)LEGS: - add various forms of protection for knees (for bigger armor) - add various forms of pockets (for gadgets) - add various forms of pockets (for ammo) - add various forms of boots or various forms of shoes (to look better) - add various forms of trousers (to look better)

UPDATE #13 :

- When you throw an enemy on floor, he shouldn't be knocked out, he should be able to get up and attack

- The enemy should have the ability to push and hit you melee when you are near, When an enemy is in arms reach they will always opt for hitting you, as appose to shooting you at pointblank range.

- Every electronic device in a level (also lights of course) should be connected to a greater electrical network. In this way the player could cut an electrical wire and depending on its location in the network this would cause one light or all the lights in the room to be switched of. Every building should also have a circuit breaker panel where you can choose to turn off the electricity of some or even all rooms, And of course the enemy will act accordingly so it's isn't a "win" option, we can also shut the whole building off, guards should react and try to respond to it and bring the electricity back on, if there are guards near the main switch they will investigate faster, if you killed them or KO them other guards will come to turn the switch on, after they do so they will search for their friends, if they found them they sound an alarm if not you are safe, if the electricity didn't come back, and with high trained soldier maybe make them wear Night Vision that will make things harder for you

- Tackling and Throws : Ah, well basically a throw would be a defensive move, like if someone is going to hit you, you will counter their attack with a throw, When an enemy is in arms reach they will always opt for hitting you. So to initiate a throw (or counter attack) simply press the B button after the NPC has started their attack but before they hit you, your character will use a defensive throw to hurl the enemy to the ground, this will not KO or kill the NPC but rather just send them to the dirt for several seconds giving you ample time to finish them or run.

And a tackle is initiated when you attack an enemy (from all angles, but the noise/ferocity of the tackle will differ depending on the direction you’re coming from) while running at full speed, and is always a KO if successful. A tackle will not be successful if the NPC has too much warning of your approach and has prepared himself for you attack, in this case you will both end up on the ground but neither are KO, you will rise roughly together and will then most likely have to counter him or just shoot him while he’s getting up. (No matter where you are you can always equip and fire you’re pistol even when lying on the ground.)

After a successful execution you cannot mark any enemies for at least 10 seconds (or 20 if the execution was poorly timed)

You can refresh all time penalties at any time by completing a successful melee takedown.

Mini-Additions :

- Some upgrade ideas : upgrade's :

Acog scope (2x and 4x) Bigger magazine More Suppressor Grip (for more accuracy) OR Gun stock

-You can put a new hiding technique for the dead/knocked out bodies, like being able to put the body in the closet or something like that

- Infiltration mode should be about getting from point A to B, without killing anyone and without any alarms, that will make it harder

- A.I have some random patrols every now and then, for example a guard makes his normal patrol 2 times but in the third he change it or do something else

- Keep the guards connected to each others for example : a) a guard goes to check something out, after a while his friends check on him but he is not responding so they go searching for him b) a guard goes to check something out, after a while his friends check on him but he is not responding so the guards chat and laugh about how he maybe fooling around or something c) goes to check something out, so he tells the other guards that he suspect something and go check it out, if he didn't find anything then he tells them that it's okay, but if he didn't respond to their call they start searching for him

Update #14 :

- Less predictability for the guard patrol patterns. ex a guard patrol regularly for 2 times, on the 3rd one he change his patrol randomly and so on

- I asked for the Co-Op to be playable even without a friend and so Co-Op with AI partner should work like this :

I was thinking that since one of the players will be CPU operated, there would be some sort of command setup similar to the way that you could have Sam give commands to Hisham at the Iceland level (xbox/ps2 version of SCDA). You could tell Hisham to stay put or come meet you at your position. But I was thinking to keep this command system for the CPU but upgrade it with more commands for your CPU controlled partner to do.

For example, if you and the CPU were in an area with 2 hostiles, you could give a command for the CPU to eliminate a specific target either by assault or by stealth. And you could give them a command to come help you if you're under attack.

If they are near each other, perhaps after the command is given to the AI, that command could be given in hand gestures.

- Guards Ambush : I like SCC style but improved, they move in groups trying to ambush you.

Update #15 :

Ideas on how to use your knife: - The ability to cut through fences, tents and other cut able materials (maybe glass too, now the only option is to smash it and that's way to loud) -Also let us cut a tiny opening in for example a tent. -Let us cut any electrical wire in the game (e.g. someone's on the phone, you cut the line and the the connection's lost) -Also lift cables should be cut able

- After we finish the game we get alternative costumes, we can change our clothing to a different one, we also get a locker after finishing the game, so we can change our costume before every level ( after we finish the 1st play through)

- Grab From Above : If you press and hold the 'B' button to perform the Death From Above your character will take the enemy hostage instead of KO/Killing him. Though, if you try this and the enemy sees you, you will fail to take him hostage or KO/Kill him because the NPC will defend himself. You will however still knock him to the ground, but you will be on the ground also. Note: If an enemy sees you when you're doing a DFA in the usual manner, I.E. only tap 'B' then he still get KO/Killed.

- Some Extra stuff :

If a dead body is near a women she will be scared, good ai (like a female scientist) reacting more realistic if there are gun shots next to them or pointed at them

Add new people who are entering the environment while some of other stay or leave.

Add the weather changing option, if you played like half and hour, it will start to rain or wind will effect on the clouds or if you are playing the mission and it's sun set, later it will be darked and darker.

In tougher lvls add an electricity wires and boxes in the wall so the player needs to shoot the box/wire through the wall.

If we are walking around through the city, you have the ability to go to store ask for a Cola and drink it (like in SCC in mobile) or the Airways (chewing gum, like in SCCT).

Mini games, In almost every level we should have a room where we can find (examples) the pinball machine, go on computer, but play some mini game

Wind should effect on the grass, threes, but wind shouldn't always blow

If It's raining add small dots on player's outfit that will start to appear in first 2 minutes when the rain starts and after 2 minutes, the entire outfit will change color, the color should be much darker to look like It's really wet.

There will be special locations in the map (usually maps full of people) where we can go and in those locations we will find some drug dealers or contacts.

There is people who are selling books, cds, mobile phones... and some of them who actually buy some of that stuff and leave the location, add group of people who are talking about something or standing somewhere and listening to music... some people will ask you like:

  • „What time is it?“
  • „Do you have a cigarette?“

- Tactical Reload :

One last thing, if you try to pick up a magazine from the environment but are already carrying the maximum amount you will automatically exchange the least full one. But if all your mags are fuller (or completely full) then picking up a new magazine is impossible. However, you can go into your advanced inventory and put some of your bullets into your reserve and then exchange the now empty clip. Your reserve supply would also have a believable limit.

P.S. Shotguns only have shells, hence there is no fussing around with magazines. Tap the reload button to only put in one shell, or hold it to completely reload the weapon.

Update #16:

- The player will gain perks when using a specific weapon or hand to hand move.

Update # 17 :

- Players have the ability to turn off any light source that's within arms reach by either unscrewing the light bulb, unplugging it or switching it off, even blowing off candles.

- Knife Combat : for the kill we have different techniques, the fast slit the throat, and also some flashy brutal take downs like those shown in The Expendables movie.

- Cover to Cover system:

You are doing cover to cover. Normally your cover arrows are pointing left or right, but what if I'm in cover and the place I'm pointing is a pipe. Arrow should point up and if I press A and hold right trigger button I will jump on pipe, just like i can do cover to cover. Instead of runing to pipe I used cover system, but if I want to jump somewhere before I climb I can just aim there, hold right trigger button and press A and I will jump and go at that place. If I decided to climb on the pipe and I'm above the entire place, if it's not too high I can aim on the cover, right or left arrows will appear and press the right buttons.

There is something I want to explain, arrows. If you are jumping on pipe or the wall they will point up. If you want to jump down or move from cover to cover they will be right of left. If arrows are pointing down it means that you can jump down like through the window

Another Explanation to it (my point of view) :

- C2C system is evolved into Cover and action, you are in cover, you aim and there is a pipe, the arrows are pointing up, so when you use the cover system you will run to the pipe and climb it up to a certain high then you regain control

- You are on a pipe, and you want to go into cover, instead of jumping down and running, you just aim to the cover, there is left arrows/right arrows, you use C2C system and you will drop and slide into cover

- You want to take cover on the opposite side of your cover (example big stone), so there should be arrows pointing up, when you use C2C system you slide on it and take cover on the opposite side

Update #18 :

- If AI is near the small wall (like in E3 demo when Sam pulls ai down) or the small fence, we should have a take down that allows you to hit him once or twice and switch him over that wall and AI falls to the ground and die or be KO.

- If AI is standing near a window, we should be able to push him like Sam did to Kobin, but from greater heights.

- Able to swap sides of ladders

- You can climb on almost anything.

- I always complained about the previous SC shadow system, I think if an enemy comes near you even if you are in complete shadows he should notice you, but if you are far away then this is another story, he won't be able to see you and you are safe then

Update #19 :

- When we are playing the game and we press start a menu will open. (note: a bold words are new words)

Continue Friends Retry last checkpoint Restart mission Load game - load checkpoints or mission Player Options Difficulty Quit

You do know what all this things do except Player, Once we enter player we can see things like this:

Character Story Targets Unlocks Tutorial Score

If we choose the Character option it will take us to the personal files (bio) of the character that we play with. In there we can also find the Memories. In memories we can find the things that somehow changed this character.

Example: He divorced and later his ex wife died, when they captured him in Iraq...

If we choose the Story it will give us a part of the story we know and it will show us important videos of interrogations, or some documents of that story.

Targets have similar things like the story. It shows you the important enemies that you have to kill, interrogate, but only if you already heard for them or saw them. It also shows you the enemies you killed or have to kill and other important targets.

Tutorial is the place were all the videos that can help you in the game are, like in SCCT.

Finally there is Score which shows the rating we get for each mission or overall, It also show us how many times we played this campaign, how many people we KO-ed, killed, how many times they spot us etc.


It will be great if different people hide in separate groups and then give them different behaviour in hiding: local parents and their child, group of friends, pair of tourists, pair of lovers etc. May be somebody arrive here by the car, so at least he should try to get in his car to be safe. Locals choose their home of course. Tourists hide in the cafe.

- If we are swimming and get out of water, when we are getting out water should burst and drops should seep from our body 3-5 seconds.

- I think the different gear is enough to differ between enemy unites, much like SCC do it, yet while progressing through the game the character should talk (like he is talking to himself) and tell us tips, like " those guys don't look like mercenaries, they look like true professional with military training" or " those guys looks like the had some intense melee combat, let's see how they will handle someone they can't see" and stuff like that, it will feel like if we were in the character’s mind, with him, and even connected to him through his while experience

Update #20

- An evasion mode that works like infiltration mode but where you aren't allowed to kill anyone.

- While sprinting should be able to jump over fences or obstacles faster

- Environmental interaction with cans or even turning on or off a TV. Or turning off a power generator to make guards think it's a blown fuse.

- Also I think it'd be awesome to kill a guard or knock him out and then bring him back to his living quarters/bed or to put him on the bench looking like he's napping, and then another guard attempts to wake him up, but then his friend says, "Hey man let him sleep he's been patrolling for hours. Plus, remember him drinking that tequila last night, the man cannot sing karaoke let's just say that. He needs to sleep some of it off."

Update #21

- We will have Gun proficiency, this how it works, if a player takes his time to get head shots and so on, his accuracy should increase, we can achieve that by make the reticulate get smaller as he gets better, if a player shots too much, with time he become more capable with the gun, decreasing the recoil, if he is the kinda that reloads so much, then he becomes faster in reloading.

- For Doors: So how about this, when in front of a door: - Tap 'Y' to Open Door - Hold 'Y' to Open Door Stealth - Double tap 'Y' to Bash Door - Run towards door and tap 'B' to Breach Door - Press 'B' when in front of a door to kick in open, but this breaks the lock and the door can never close again.

- The lockpick, you must equip in before you can use it, and you have to first try to open the door before you can tell if it's locked. Also, in some missions, door locks have a little warning system on them. So if you try to open a locked door it will make a loud rattle sound. However if you Opening the Door Stealthily you will automatically discover that the door is locked, without touching the mechanism.

Opening a door regularly should make a little noise, thus forcing you to Open Door Stealth to be perfectly silent. However, some older type doors will creek and crack if you try and Open Door Stealth but all these doors can be peered under.

- Similar rules could apply to windows.


A large part of Contracts is the takedowns.

1stly, I'd like to say that martial art diversity is a big must for the game.

If you’re undetected, I.E. sneaking up behind someone, press and hold ‘B’ (for a moment) when in reach of, the character will extend his arms and assume a takedown-ready stance, (but will not touch the NPC, so the NPC remains un-alerted) remember what Sam did in chaos theory when you were really close to an NPC (the regular Closer Then Ever mode will still be present) he’d reach for his knife, well it’d be the equivalent of that, only player initiated. Since the NPC is unaware of you the character will keep his takedown-ready stance until either the NPC walks out of reach, or you back away.

While the player is like this you can pull the Right Trigger to kill the NPC or pull the Left Trigger to KO him, or pull both Triggers to take him in a chokehold. And as expected, if you’re undetected all your takedowns will be undetectable.

- When doing the Death From Above:

Hold ‘B’ (for a moment) to pounce on the NPC, and then choose one of your three options. Could work for corner grabs too, and inverted takedowns, I.E. when you’re hanging from a pipe and an NPC is within arms reach bellow you.

- When attacking an NPC from the front, or front sides:

The game is the same but the rules change. Holding ‘B’ will command the character to reach out and grab the NPC, securing him, but for only a moment. In the short moment you must choose one of your three options. The more skilled, or harder NPCs, will break your momentary hold faster, so you must also act faster.

Also, the character will use his knife for lethal attacks if he is barehanded or has a pistol and is undetected. If his position is known he will often disarm and enemy and kill them with their own gun, before dropping it, this is slightly faster then drawing a knife, thus more efficient when you’re on the run. If he has a two handed weapon he will improvise and kill the NPC in whatever way is most efficient. In other instances, such as the ‘Death From Above’ he will snap their neck.

- NPC can also counter you:

Basically, if you’re in reach of an NPC he will almost always opt for a melee strike. If you’re too slow and initiate your own attack too late, the NPC prevent your initial grab from seizing him. He will then attempt to strike you. To counter an NPC is rather straight forward; simply press ‘B’ after his strike has started but before it lands on you. (Do not "hold" 'B' as this will command Sam to try and grab the NPC, which is impossible if they're striking you. Doing so will cause you to get hit.) Counters play out like a normal takedown but perhaps a slightly longer and more complex animation. So it may be more fun to watch, but it is a slight penalty as your character is occupied for longer, thus can be shot by any other NPCs more easily. Also, your counter attacks will not KO/Kill NPCs with full health; they work similar to Batman’s counter strikes in Arkham Asylum.

Tapping ‘B’ has various effects. If you're out in the open you will do a judo style throw, this is moderately harmless but very fast; it will only keep an enemy off his feet for a few seconds, giving you time to get away. However, tapping 'B' really shines when there are usable items in arms reach, such as chairs, toasters, LCD screens and other random objects of similar size. you will automatically grab said object and use it to attack the enemy, these attacks are unblockable and are always a KO/Kill. They are, however, unpredictable, so it isn't impossible for the NPC to kill you first.

Tapping 'B' whilst in cover is also a viable tactic: you will quickly grab the NPC and slam him into the surface that he's taking cover against. This is a quick, albeit unsubtle way to KO people, it never kills.

An example: You're taking cover against a waist high box. There's an NPC on the other side of it. Tap 'B' and you will reach over and grab the NPC, then slam his head into the box, KOing him. If you leave your finger on 'B' in this instance you will drag the unconscious body all the way over and drop it beside himself. If the NPC is just around the corner, or right near you but in reach you can tap 'B' to quickly grab him and slam him into the box.

Tapping 'B' can also be used in context to devastating affect. For example, if you tap ‘B’ whilst running into an NPC you will tackle him, or if they’re running towards you, you will clothesline him.

- Grab Execute:

Like the end of conviction when Sam grabs and disarms Reed then uses his gun to kill the splinter cells. To do this, press and hold both ‘B’ and ‘Y’ with an enemy in reach. Demonstration: There are three enemies, two are far away (but in range) the other is patrolling and currently on his way towards you. You mark the two more distant enemies and wait for the 3rd to come closer. When he’s in reach you press and hold ‘B’ and ‘Y’ to grab him and simultaneously execute the marked targets. This is as quick as grabbing an enemy normally because the character is shooting the targets whilst subduing his hostage, also, it would be cool if the character moved around his hostage to use him as cover, as appose to turning with him in a headlock. This feature is incredibly bada$$ but it can only be accomplished if no one is aware of you at the time of initiation. Also, once the execution has finished you must either pull L/RT or both to KO/Kill/Grab, otherwise your temporary hostage will pull free. Not particularly threatening, but something to hamper Grab-Execute spamming.

- Grab From Above:

If you press and hold the 'B' button to perform the Death From Above your character will take the enemy hostage instead of KO/Killing him. Though, if you try this and the enemy sees you, you will fail to take him hostage or KO/Kill him because the NPC will defend himself. You will however still knock him to the ground, but you will be on the ground also.

Note: If an enemy sees you when you're doing a DFA in the usual manner, I.E. only tap 'B' then he still get's KO/Killed.

You can also Grab From Above-Execute – just hole ‘B’ and ‘Y’ when above someone; much faster then the cumbersome task of DFA then Execute

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