Theres different warriors from different aras. Including: Pirates, knights, ninjas, Brittish Red Coats, WWII Army Rangers, the samari, cowboys, indians, Civil war Japanese infantry, US Vietnam soldiers, The Mafia, and Nazi SS. Each group has their own specific weapons and levels, such as the Pirates would be a Huge pirate ship out at sea with dangerous waves, the knights would be their castle. The brittish would have the docks of port royal. WWII would have the trenches in Germany. The Samari would have the open grass fields of china. Cowboys would have the whole western town of Dodge City. The Indians would have the woods of the black mountains. The Civil War Japanese Infantry would belong to the open grass and trees of Japan. US Vietnam soldiers would be the areas of Vietnam including the beaches. Each level can be damaged. There is also transportation available, like horses, small jeeps, and small wagons. Waves could crush your ship, and blow you overboard. Saftey boats are convinient at that point. Theres elements that could effect you including the waves, fires. In each group there is 5 soldiers. Theres also different ranks between the soldiers as well. The highest is captain. There is also one medic one each team as well. The whole point is to kill everyone on the opposing team. The teams are 6 and 6.

Pirates: Sword, pistol, small axe, spear Knights: Crossbow, sword, shield, spear Ninjas: Throwing stars, staff, samari sword BRC: Musket/bayonette, handcuffs USR: Colt.45, M1 Grand, BAR, grenedes (captain gets Thompson, and one soldier gets a springfeild scoped) Samari: Bow/Arrows, samari sword, dagger Cowboys: revolver/duel, winchester, dinomite, buck knife Indians: Bow/Arrows, axe, knife, spear Japanese: Musket/bayonette, handcuffs (General gets a colt revolver) USVS: M-16, Colt.45, grenedes Mafia: BAR, Thompson extended clip, colt.45, Staletto knife Nazis: MP40, Kar(scoped), colt.45, grenedes.

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