Choppy Chip Chup Chep Chopozo is a videogame idea by me, Captian melon head the III. It is mostly about a puppy called "Choppy" and his hamster friend, "Fuzzy" who try to save their island from the island's most wanted criminals, "Fred Fish Freak", a evil german fish and his first robot ever made, "ROGER".


  • Choppy Chip Chup Chep Chopozo- The main hero of the game. He is described 100% stupid, 100% impossible and 100% chopible.
  • Fuzzy Fizz Fozz Fezz Fuzzopo- Choppy's hamster friend. Choppy uselly throws him around while he is in his hamster ball.
  • Fred Fish Freak- The main villian of the game. He is always inside a flying fish tank or bowl.
  • ROGER- Fred Fish Freak's first robot ever made. His name stands for "Rude octopus gasly eating robot". Fred said that "I couldn't be bothered to make any of my robots to make sense".
  • ROBERT- ROGER's father. He was a hero, along with Fred's father.

Choppy Abilities

  • Can throw Fuzzy's hamster ball.
  • Has a gun that fires Boxing gloves.
  • Can fly by spinning his ears and his squirrel tail.
  • Can skate with his ears
  • Can his tongue like a kung fu master.


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