Chess 2.0 is the second version of Chess, released by a new group of hindues.


New features:

  • Board is composed by eight normal Chess 1.0 boards. Each board receives a roman number. The board are piled over each other in frame. The inferior board is I, and the superior is the VIII.
  • Pieces can move as they usually move through the different board but in 3-D coordinates. Example: A tower in I A-1 can go to IV A-1 or VIII A-1, in the same way that tower can move to I A-8. A bishop in IV A-5 can move to VI C-7.
  • The player who wins in the most boards is the winner.
  • It is possible to make castling with king and tower from different boards.
  • If a piece checks two kings at the same time and the opponent cannot take out the menace, he can decide which king is check mated.

Possible additions

  • If you get a special card you can resurrect pieces.

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